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Flora Saini gandii baat actress reveals BF punched on private parts domestic violence in live in relation

Features oi-Kushmita Rana | Published: Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 15:31 [IST]

Flora Saini Domestic Violence: Flora Saini is one such name in the Bollywood industry, who has ruled millions of hearts with her style. Flora Saini, who is known for her performance in the famous web series ‘Gandii Baat’ and the film ‘Stree’, is often in headlines for her bold and outspoken style. Recently, the actress made very deep revelations about the violence against her. The actress has told about the dirty antics that shook the soul. The actress told how her live-in partner used to sexually abuse her. Not only this, he wanted to kill. He also threatened the actress that if Flora Saini left him, he would kill her parents. Flora Saini mentioned the bad phase of her life in a recent interview. Flora Saini has spoken openly about the domestic violence and sexual harassment that happened to her. In 2007, Flora was sexually assaulted by her ex-boyfriend Gaurang. During the #metoo movement in the year 2018, the actress spoke openly on this for the first time. Flora Saini had told that the person whom she had run away from home leaving her family to marry, had become the enemy of her life. One night her boyfriend thrashed the actress so mercilessly that she broke her jaw. The actress told that when she started talking about leaving the house after her boyfriend killed her, he had threatened to kill her parents. Describing this whole incident, Flora Saini said that ‘one night he beat me so much that my jaw was broken. He took his father’s photo, warned me that I swear to my father that I will kill you tonight, when he turned back to put the photo frame back, then in that moment my mother’s voice echoed in my ears. Woke up that just run away, don’t think whether you are wearing clothes or not, whether you have money or not, just run away, then I ran away from there and the next day went with the family and filed a police complaint. After narrating the incident, not only the actress, but other girls have also been advised to get out of the toxic relationship and listen to their heart. ‘Gandii Baat’ actress’s BF did sexual harassment, shameful act and broke her jaw at the age of 20 that producer punched my private parts, with me for 14 months.. Exclusive- Flora Saini did it again Remembering domestic violence, said ‘I was dragged on the road by holding my hair’ Bhediya – Varun Dhawan’s film fans are waiting for another woman, know who she is? The entry of this sexy actress of dirty talk in Bigg Boss 14, see in private, such a bold photo! Boldness crossed the limits in 2019, dirty talk’s hot scenes created panic, you will be shocked to see MeToo Movement: Stree’s actress made serious allegations against the producer, Sophia Ansari embarrassed everyone by slipping underwear while taking a bath Pics of the horrific incident Watch this video alone! Film on Sushant Singh Rajput released, ‘Shashank’ will show the reality of Bollywood , People said – What did Shah Rukh Khan say on the honeymoon’s wedding night stitched on PM Modi’s American tour, I would have been there.. but he does not allow me… Stay updated with every news of the film industry and get movie reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Flora Saini gandii baat actress reveals BF punched on private parts domestic violence in live in relation Story first published: Tuesday, June 27, 2023, 15:31 [IST]


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