About Us

Gone are the days of waking up to a newspaper at your door and reading it while sipping your morning tea. We bring you a combination of digital tabloids to keep you updated round the clock!

Asian News is your digital newspaper keeping you updated with the current affairs from around the world. Whether it is topical news making the biggest headlines, juicy gossips from the entertainment world, or important updates from the world of health, fashion, finance, or lifestyle, Asian News brings you a plethora of news at your fingertips.

At Asian News, our aim is to provide you with updates from an array of categories on a centralized platform. All that you need to do for reading news belonging to your favorite segment is make a quick search and you will have hundreds of articles at your disposal in a second.

The user interface of Asian News has been kept simple and easy to navigate, allowing visitors have a seamless experience in availing themselves of the news that matters. Further, we have segmented all our articles into different segments based on the time of their upload and the nature of the news.

Some of our key news categories include:


Stay updated with everything important that has been creating news across the world. From international politics to important announcements having a global impact, we have got you covered with the latest and the most essential world news.


If you are always intrigued to know what some of the biggest names in different industries are up to, this is the section for you. From the latest product/launches and notable mergers to stock market updates and factors that affect your business, we ensure that you are well-informed about everything.


Get the latest updates of what is happening in the field of entertainment, from popular celebrity tweets and movie reviews to get a peek into the lives of your favorite stars.

Health And Fitness

If you are someone who does not compromise when it comes to staying fit and healthy, we provide you with updates regarding health tips from the experts and news that help you take utmost care of your body.


Whether you are willing to give a new look to your interiors or have an interest in staying updated with the designs that are preferred by residents and officials across the board, we bring to you articles to please the design geek in you!

Tech And Gadgets

No matter which field you belong to, it is important to be in sync with the latest technological advancements taking place across the world. Avail of articles that revolve around reviews of the latest gadgets, new technological advancements, and their implications for the users.

Asian News is a one-stop solution for all the news you want to consume that is worth your time. We make sure that you miss no updates about your favorite areas and make your browsing experience a little better with smartly curated news articles.