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What did say India’s finest Sales & Marketing Coach, Mr. Sparsh Bagga, about Dhruv Rathee ( Youtuber )?

New Delhi (India), July 19: During a conversation with our team, Mr. Sparsh Bagga expressed his plans to launch a course aimed at empowering India’s youth and the general public. He raised concerns about the manipulative tactics employed by certain individuals on social media, who present their views in different ways to deceive and mislead the Indian population. Specifically, he mentioned Dhruv Rathee, a YouTuber residing outside of India, who he believes is working towards undermining the country by spreading half-truths. Mr. Sparsh Bagga shared that his upcoming course would use Dhruv Rathee as an example to demonstrate how people’s minds can be manipulated.

As India’s pioneering Internet Business coach, Mr. Bagga has been teaching and assisting businessmen in the online realm for the past 15 years. However, he now feels it is crucial for every individual in India to possess a deep understanding of the internet, especially due to the presence of individuals like Dhruv Rathee. He expressed disappointment in witnessing the significant potential of the Indian people being squandered on deceiving their fellow citizens. When asked about Dhruv Rathee’s course, Mr. Bagga emphasized that it is irrelevant to him which political party Dhruv Rathee associates with. Rather, he believes it is essential for the people of the country to recognize when they are being manipulated by half-truths. He even commended Dhruv Rathee’s sales skills and mentioned that his course would incorporate those skills to teach people how to enhance their own sales abilities.

Mr. Bagga firmly believes that this course will prove highly beneficial not only for the Indian public but also for YouTubers. He aims to release the course by the end of August, envisioning it as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to navigate the world of sales and combat deceptive tactics. By expanding their knowledge and honing their skills, participants will be better equipped to make informed decisions and counter manipulative strategies.

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