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Artisan of Beauty Starts New Partnership With A New Plastic Surgery Location in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California – The plastic surgery practice, Artisan of Beauty, has started a new partnership with a new location in Santa Barbara. Artisan of Beauty is primarily based in Beverly Hills, California but is now expanding and offering services in Santa Barbara as well. This plastic surgery practice is owned and operated by Dr. Tim Neavin who will continue offering services in breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, hair transplant, gynecomastia, and other major plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Neavin is a well-renowned plastic surgeon in California who operates with a philosophy of simplicity. He is board certified and operates his practice in a way that keeps all his surgeries safe and keeps all the results natural. Artisan of Beauty has been praised for the incredible results it has given patients who have achieved the perfect facial contour and body. People who want to enhance their beauty and get the best facial or body modifications can trust that they’ll get the best of the best from Artisan of Beauty.

Dr. Neavin states, “My goal is to exceed your expectations, and I will be candid and perform only procedures that I believe would benefit you.” He is dedicated to providing the best possible services to his clientele to ensure that they get the most natural-looking, perfect results they can get. Now, the practice is available for people in Santa Barbara as well. Consultations with Dr. Neavin are available for patients in Santa Barbara and Beverly Hills, California. Patients can consult him and learn more about the different plastic surgery procedures that could work best for them. Dr. Neavin ensures that he recommends the procedures that he knows will be perfect for each individual so that patients are happy with their final look.

About Artisan of Beauty

Dr. Neavin runs his practice, Artisan of Beauty, with a high level of detail, honesty, and integrity. He fosters a goal-oriented relationship with his clients which often leads to great customer satisfaction. Dr. Neavin builds lasting relationships with his clients where trust and honesty are at the forefront. This is his priority even before discussing plastic surgery options. His decades of expertise make it easier for him to analyze underlying aesthetic issues that patients may not even be aware of.

Some patients come to his practice thinking that they need to get a rhinoplasty and then realize after a consultation that they actually need to work on specific proportions of their face. Dr. Neavin is highly experienced in changing the features of the body so that patients can meet aesthetic ideals. He analyzes each patient’s facial structure and pays close attention to their proportions before determining which method of treatment they will need. The goal is to get patients the right balance that will leave them with the perfect look for their cosmetic enhancements. It’s all about proportions and symmetry at the Artisan of Beauty and patients can rest assured that they are receiving the best of the best when they hire Dr. Neavin to manage their plastic surgery needs.

People who are looking for natural-looking aesthetic enhancements in Beverly Hills or Santa Barbara can go to the Artisan of Beauty. Dr. Neavin is one of the best rated plastic surgeons in California, he is board certified, and he offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Neavin, please visit his website.


About Artisan of Beauty

If you ask how he creates happiness for his patients, Dr. Tim Neavin will tell you that maintaining an honest and goal-oriented relationship is what leads to satisfaction.

Contact Artisan of Beauty

1722 State St Ste 201

Santa Barbara

California 93101

United States

(805) 898-2600



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