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Zixdo Launching Shortly in Rajkot: Atul Ranjan

New Delhi (India), December 20: The car cleaning and lite detailing brand chain Zixdo is the largest chain in this sector. It has more than 100 franchises operating across the country, while 30 more will be launching soon. Since the company is looking forward to expanding its base in India, it launched its franchise in Rajkot, Gujarat, on the 15th of December. The franchise was announced in partnership with Mr. Raj Mehta. The unique selling property of our company Zixdo is that we provide doorstep cleaning and detailing for your vehicles which is the newest concept in this field and are gaining popularity really soon. The concept has helped our brand to become a household name when it comes to these services.

The parent company,, has evolved a well-defined structure for Zixdo, and the professionals and experts of Phixman have put together their efforts to make a brand name for Zixdo. To date, customers have to take their vehicles to the service centers to get them cleaned or detailed, but the launch of Zixdo has made a revolutionary impact in changing the way these services are taken. Zixdo has set a benchmark in providing doorstep cleaning and detailing with its high-end portable machines.

Zixdo has developed a website of its own so that customers do not face difficulties getting the services. After booking the services, all a customer has to do is sit back, relax and wait for our technicians to arrive with their portable machines. Our services include these services and also includes maintaining the quality of products and parts and ensuring the hygiene of the surrounding.

Now that we have already launched our franchise in Rajkot, we look forward to adding more cities to our chain. So, it is a call for entrepreneurs to become our franchise partners with very low investments; we promise you that once you invest in this business, you can enjoy lifelong high returns. The initial training will be provided by Zixdo.



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