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ZADAR is on Sunny Side YouTube

ZADAR: Cow from Hell with Duck’s Breath co-founder Leon Martell.

Duck’s Breath Thriller Theatre having fun with filming ZADAR. Dan Coffey, Jim Turner, Leon Martell, Merle Kessler, Invoice Allard (left to proper)

Historic Duck’s Breath Thriller Theatre movie is now a 46 episode Sunny Side YouTube Playlist.

This is a horror film, a few big cow from one other planet, I believe?”

— Merle Kessler

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 3, 2023/ — ZADAR is a comedy movie born in Iowa, conceived in Iowa, FUNDED in Iowa, and shot in Iowa.

The impartial function premiered on the Sundance Movie competition and starred the Duck’s Breath Thriller Theatre comedy troupe. The movie was concerning the making of a film, known as ZADAR: COW FROM HELL, in Iowa. A lot love went into its’ making. And blood, sweat and tears. And time.

Duck’s Breath Thriller Theatre was fashioned in Iowa, in Iowa Metropolis, Iowa, which has Iowa in its title TWICE.

Duck’s Breath co-founder Merle Kessler talks concerning the story. “This is a horror film, a few big cow from one other planet, I believe? Or a mutant cow that turns people into cows. To what finish?  Beats me. I neglect.  This was made a very long time in the past. All of it results in bother for Iowa, although. I keep in mind that.”

Duck’s Breath co-founder Leon Martell provides, “All of it works out in the long run. So don’t be scared about that. It has a house grown allure. It’s no Citizen Kane, nevertheless it’s no Citizen Korn both, in the event you take my that means.”

Duck’s Breath co-founder Jim Turner injects, “I used to be born in Iowa.”

Duck’s Breath co-founder Dan Coffey provides, “I used to be born in Missouri.”

Duck’s Breath co-founder Invoice Allard proclaims, “Sunny Side YouTube is preserving Duck’s Breath Thriller Theatre comedy and making it accessible to generations of future comedy lovers.”

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