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Yuvika Chaudhary: It’s scary to get pregnant amid pandemic, kudos to those who had babies recently

Actor Yuvika Chaudhary reveals that even she and husband Prince Narula think about starting a family, but they are going to take things slow for now.

By Juhi Chaktraborty

PUBLISHED ON SEP 18, 2021 05:05 PM IST

In the last two years, many celebrities have embraced parenthood while several are currently expecting. And that’s something that Yuvika Chaudhary calls a brave decision. The actor feels that given the ongoing crisis, having a baby is a rather terrifying thought.

“It is scary to get pregnant. I get surprised to see people getting pregnant. I wonder how they managed to do so. It is terrifying to be pregnant and be in one place and not step out. Having a baby in this time of health crisis… I salute to those who have done it like some of my own friends including Kishwar M Rai, who along with husband Suyyash welcomed a baby boy in August,” she says.

Chaudhary, who is married to reality TV star Prince Narula, further commends these new parents, and adds, “Kitna dedication and strong mind chahiye to deliver a baby in this situation when you are constantly scared about safety. Kudos to those who have had babies recently.”

The actor reveals that even she and Narula think about starting a family but they are going to take things slow for now.

“I never planned my marriage. He didn’t plan his marriage. We had our own journey and we came together. If a baby is supposed to happen, it will happen. I can’t really say that we are planning. Abhi planning planning mein logon ke do teen saal nikal jaate hai,” she says, assuring that, “Of course family is there on the cards, family toh karna hai. We want to be complete too, but I can’t right now when that would happen.”

Meanwhile, Chaudhary and Narula have been busy throughout the pandemic and have released a number of music videos , which they have produced.

“Lockdown mein bahut logo ke bachhe hue hain, and we gave birth to our production house. That is our baby now. We were working on this baby,” she quips.


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