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Xook Brings 5 Ways to Drive More Businesses to the Restaurants

SILICON VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 4, 2023 / — Xook Inc, a startup based out of Silicon Valley, California, is providing free, of its kind, ordering systems for restaurants. It helps restaurants to expand their online presence, improves operations, and enhances customer experience. There is zero cost, no setup or monthly fees, and no contract to get started with Xook.

1. E-commerce Website

Xook allows business owners to build a professional e-commerce website for free. Xook is the only platform that offers a free .com website domain for the restaurants. The website includes loyalty programs, promotions, coupons, and unlimited reviews. For more info –

2. Tableside QR Code Ordering

Xook Tableside QR code Ordering allows owners to streamline restaurant operations, reduce operational costs, improve table turn-time and improve customer satisfaction. The tableside ordering saves both time and money. It works with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. And it’s completely free.

Even the best servers are busy sometimes. With QR code ordering, customers don’t have to wait for the server. They can start their order as soon as they’re ready. QR code ordering allows restaurants to operate with limited staff on the floor and bring efficiency to restaurant operations.

3. Restaurant Point Of Sale System

Unlike other Point of Sale (POS) systems available for restaurants, the Xook POS system doesn’t require special hardware or installation. The POS system is a free iOS App that works on any iPads. So, it can easily be carried throughout the restaurant where it’s needed. Xook POS system allows business owners to keep track of everything — from their website and online orders to the mobile app, tableside ordering, and kiosk sales. It offers offline mode, instant messaging to connect with customers and many more features.

4. Kiosk Self-Checkout

Perfect for busy restaurants, the Kiosk Self-Checkout significantly reduces lines and wait times. It is just as easy and convenient as the POS system. No specialized hardware or installation is required. Simply download the app to an iPad and get started. Xook Kiosk accepts payment from credit cards, Apple pay, and Google pay. It also has features built-in for loyalty programs and restaurant promotions. For more info please check –

5. Mobile Apps

Xook offers two kinds of free mobile apps for restaurants. One is for business owners to manage restaurant operations and orders. The second is for customers to place orders, view orders, and manage their loyalty points. These mobile apps are easy to install and work on both Apple and Android devices. These apps make it so easy to stay on top of the business, connect with customers, and maintain excellent customer service. The mobile business app even allows mobile food trucks to update their location in real-time so that customers know where to go. For more info please check –

Final Words

Xook helps increase restaurant sales and customer satisfaction, and save time and money while offering the best user experience.

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