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WTFL Provides Free access to its Dealflow Tool to Innovators from the Indian Subcontinent to Overcome Challenges in Travel, Tourism, Hospitality Industry

The World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL) with the support of IHCL and the Global Himalayan Expedition (GHE)  have joined forces to identify and accelerate the most promising start-ups and ideas from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Indian Subcontinent and empower them to build innovative business models that matter and help with the recovery of the industry.


Martin Barth, President & CEO of WTFL


The campaign will run until 5 November and eligible candidates would benefit from free access to the WTFL Dealflow tool, an exclusive matchmaking platform for investors and start-ups operating in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector.


WTFL Dealflow tool – igniting ideas and supporting solutions In the Indian Subcontinent:

The Dealflow tool was initially developed in Switzerland and its pilot project in the country 3 years ago, led to enormous success and helped local start-ups raise collectively more than 5 million Swiss francs, and close hundreds of local and international partnerships.


This 360° sophisticated competition tool for discovering early-stage start-ups and innovative ideas is coming now to Indian subcontinent with the mission to connect the whole entrepreneurship system and provide a platform to entrepreneurs to get access to international investors.


The implementation of the tool in the Indian Subcontinent and the launch of the Innovate for India Competition and Summit to take place on 15-16 December in Dehli is our bold response to building back better by fostering innovation and laying the foundations for recovery of the tourism sector.


The political will, global collaboration, commitment and the support towards innovation in the Indian tourism sector are today needed more than ever. We are extremely proud that IHCL, GHE and government partners such as AGNIi have backed up the project,” says Martin Barth, President & CEO of WTFL.


WTFL’s vision- Foresees Indian Subcontinent to present next tourism unicorn:

The Travel, tourism and hospitality industry has arguably been hit the hardest by the pandemic than any other industry. The outbound and inbound tourism in the Indian Subcontinent have also suffered much harder repercussions than other countries. Nonetheless, two years into the pandemic, the crisis has proven that there are winners and losers when it comes to innovation and changing tourism behavior.


At WTFL, we are convinced that the entrepreneurs in the Indian Subcontinent have what it takes to build the next tourism unicorn,” says Elena Cholakova, Head of Innovation Projects, WTFL. “It is in times of crisis when crucial and sustainable new models are discovered, when we can challenge the business as usual models, start seeing things differently, think and move more freely to create rapid, impactful change.


Requirement for High-potential start-ups in Emerging Tech, Sustainable Hospitality, Smart Mobility and Social impact:

12 high-potential start-ups wanted who focus on solutions in Emerging Tech, Sustainable Hospitality, Smart Mobility and Social Impact. Eligible candidates can apply for free through the WTFL Dealflow tool before 5 November 2021. If shortlisted, the finalists will be flown to Delhi to immerse themselves in innovation activities, coaching and mentoring, and become the driving force helping the tourism sector in the Indian Subcontinent restart faster and move forward.


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