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World Typing Day 8th January 2023 – bsbltyping £100 Speed Typing Competition + Free Products

Classic Typing Tutor Level 1

This is a screenshot of the layout of the Level 2 screen of the Classic Typing Tutor

Classic Typing Tutor Level 2

This is a screenshot of the layout of the Level 3 screen of the Classic Typing Tutor

Classic Typing Tutor Level 3

This is a screenshot of the layout of the Level 1 screen of the Dual Learning Tutor

Dual Learning Level 1 screen

This is an image of a golden keyboard with black keys

The Golden Keyboard

Bsbltyping celebrate World Typing Day 2023 with a £100, 1 Minute cash prize typing challenge plus a Typing and Language Tutorial Subscription give away.

Learn to type, after all, you learnt to write”

— Tony Rust – Managing Director – Better Skills, Better Life Ltd

BLACKPOOL, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 28, 2022 / — World Typing Day started in Malaysia eleven years ago, in 2011, with a speed typing competition that attracted a huge online registration of 7,000 people. The then 16 year old Shaun Low Foo Shern achieved 146 words per minute with 96% accuracy which broke the existing Malaysia Book of Records speed typing record of 134 words per minute.

Since then World Typing Day has been on the calendar on the 8th January and for 2023 bsbltyping are joining in the fun by increasing the cash prize for their regular Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition to a very useful £100. They are also encouraging everyone to learn to type, or learn to type better, more easily and more accurately, by giving away a free one month subscription which covers the use of all their online typing and language tutors.

Tony Rust, Managing Director of Better Skills, Better Life Ltd., the company behind says, “We’re all about typing and helping people to learn to type. Even our languages tutors use typing as a way of learning a language so, yes, you can say that we’re all about typing.

“We are the biggest cash prize speed typing website on the Internet and have held regular Daily, Weekly and Monthly competitions over the past three years, giving away thousands of pounds in prizes. We also make annual awards to the Fastest Typist in the World in each of three categories – 15 Second Burst Speed, I Minute, and 500 Words. We do the same for a number of qualifying countries too.”

“One of the differences between bsbltyping speed typing competitions and those held by other organisations is that you can always come to our website and see the text that was typed and examine the analysis of the keystrokes made by every competitor. This information is very often unavailable if you want to follow up on claims made for WPM and accuracy which are said to have been achieved elsewhere”

“We’re keen on anything that encourages people to learn to type and to type quickly and accurately; we’re big on accuracy. Our competition and typing test scoreboards and typing tutor products all feature first-time accuracy measurements. We don’t use algorithms to adjust the typing speed as some typing tests and competitions do, we record the raw speed and the raw first time accuracy”

To celebrate the 2023 World Typing Day we’re not only holding our £100 cash prize speed typing competition, we’re also giving away a free one month subscription to all of our Typing and Language Tutor Products. This covers all of our Classic Typing Tutor versions which provide three levels of learning; Level 1 teaches individual keys and which finger is used with particular keys according to the tried and tested Home Key method of typing. Level 2 uses the keys that you’ve just learnt in Level 1 to type individual words and short phrases, and then you move to Level 3 which once again uses the keys you’ve just learnt to type longer phrases and sentences.”

“ I’ve exhibited and sold the typing tutorials that I’ve designed all over the world and time after time I’ve sat down with someone who couldn’t type, who didn’t know where to start, or who had been hunting and pecking for keys, and who found the prospect of typing very daunting. And time after time, often within ten minutes or so, that same person has been able to follow the text on screen, and with me alongside holding a piece of card over their hands on the keyboard so that they couldn’t see the keys, they’ve been confidently typing words with the first eight keys. In a little more time, the same with ten keys, then twelve keys, and so on.”

‘It’s said that it takes around eight hours to learn to touch type, but I’ve seen plenty of people who are happily touch typing after two hours or so using the bsbltyping teaching method. Maybe not perfectly at that stage, but they’re well on their way. It changes lives for the better, it creates better job prospects, but above all, it reduces stress, removes embarrassment in the office environment and improves productivity. It’s a skill that everyone should have, and can readily acquire with the right teaching tools, and bsbltyping has typing tutors that are proven to work.”

“The subscription code is SOFTOPENING, you just visit our website and enter the code and you’re good to go for a month. The subscription also covers our Dictate dictation practice typing tutor and our Dual Learning typing and language tutor – you learn to type as you learn a language, or you learn a language as you learn to type. All of our products are available in fourteen languages.”

Tony Rust
Better Skills Better Life Ltd
+ +447712429095
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