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World Coffee Day recipe: Dark Fantasy Jaggery Rabdi Tiramisu is dessert heaven

When Ernestine Ulmer said, “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first,” we set out on a quest of a sweet fusion food, without further ado, to give our taste buds a twist and landed with a recipe of Dark Fantasy and Jaggery Rabdi Tiramisu. You see, we’ve never met a problem that dessert couldn’t fix and the recipe of Dark Fantasy and Jaggery Rabdi Tiramisu on World Coffee Day this Friday looks like it dropped straight from the heaven for double celebrations.

Ever tasted heaven on plate? This recipe of Dark Fantasy and Jaggery Rabdi Tiramisu will give you just the feel but in the comfort of your home as you celebrate World Coffee Day 2021 and hang up your boots to welcome the weekend.

Ingredient  Quantity 
Milk 1000 Ml
Jaggery, grated 3 tbsp
Dark Fantasy Cookies 2 Pac
Coffee Powder 2 tsp

Ingredients for multigrain jaggery crumble:

Ingredient  Quantity 
Multigrain Atta 5 tbsp
Ghee 1 tbsp
Jaggery, grated 2 tbsp

Ingredients for garnishing:

 Ingredient  Quantity
Cocoa powder, for dusting 1 Tbsp
Microgreens 1 Box
Fresh blueberries 1 Pac 
Piping bag 1 No



Reduce the milk over slow heat and allow it to reduce to less than half till thick and creamy like a rabdi. Add in jaggery and mix well. Refrigerate and allow to cool. 

Now take a pan by taking multimillet flour and slowly sautéing it in a pan at low heat till it releases a nice aroma. Make a crumble by mixing roasted multigrain atta, warm ghee and jaggery and  allow it to cool. Keep aside.

For layering the tiramisu: Pour the rabdi into a piping bag and keep aside. Also dip the coffee fills coffee decoction and use as required.

For plating, pipe the rabdi in a jar and arrange coffee fills layer by layer alternatively with rabdi to form a deck till jar is filled. Sprinke multigrain jaggery crumble on top.

Garnish with sprinkling of cocoa powder, microgreens and fresh blueberries to  finish plating. Serve.

(Recipe: ITC Hotel Chef Kusha Mathur)


The molasses content in jaggery makes it more nutrient since this nutritious by-product of the sugar making process is removed while making refined sugar. Jaggery is rich in vitamins and minerals, makes for a great immunity booster, builds a shield against health ailments like cough and cold and leads to improved digestive health, anemia prevention, liver detoxification and improved immune function.

From lowering the risk of developing depression to dramatically reducing suicide risk, coffee got it all sorted. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of both liver and colorectal cancer as a few studies showed that those who drank 4–5 cups of coffee per day had a 15% lower risk of colorectal cancer and a 40% lower risk of liver cancer.

Drinking coffee before sleeping for a short period of time affects adenosine, a chemical that promotes sleep and increases brain’s capacity to receive caffeine. Before taking a 15–20 minutes nap, not before bed though, experts propose consuming caffeine right before falling asleep.

An 18 studies review on 457,922 people revealed that each daily cup of coffee was associated with a 7% reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. Coffee drinkers enjoy even a lower risk of premature death, as per a 20-year study which revealed that individuals with type 2 diabetes, who drank coffee, had a 30% lower risk of death and a few other studies found that consuming the beverage was linked with a 26% decreased risk of death in women and a 20% reduced risk of death in men, over 18–24 years.

Cocoa has the capacity to stimulate the brain to release endorphins that helps elevate one’s mood. The unsweetened cacao powder is a source of magnesium and other minerals and lacks the high-calorie cocoa butter or sugars found in garden-variety chocolate.

On the other hand, blueberry-enriched diet may help women’s muscle growth and repair, manage oxidative stress and oxygen consumption rate or metabolism as per a study conducted at Cornell University and published in the Journal of Nutrition. In general, blueberries are the king of antioxidant foods and protect cholesterol in our blood from becoming damaged while also lowering blood pressure.

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