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woman live disaster woman cloth opens in live video as bikini stuck wardrobe malfunction in live video viral

Gossips oi-Kushmita Rana | Published: Sunday, July 9, 2023, 11:07 [IST]

Social Media Viral: These days on social media, in search of likes, the beauties get ready to go to any extent to share everything. Fans keep giving instant updates and various pictures and videos on social media. But doing so sometimes proves fatal. Many people have been harmed by this. There are many such cases where people have faced trouble due to sharing their personal information online. Somewhere people share the news of celebrating holidays online, then there is theft in their house and sometimes someone follows them. Now on many social media sites people have started sharing the events happening with them live. That is, if the person in front is doing some work, then he can show that moment live to many people along with him. But even in this, accidents keep happening. One such incident happened with Tiktok user Valentina. Due to being live, many people saw the incident that happened to him. On social media, this girl named Valentina shared many memories of her trip to Italy with people. From where she is traveling to what she is eating, she was sharing everything with her followers. During this he decided to make the video of climbing the mountain live. On this trip, Valentina wore very hot clothes. She wore a string bikini to climb the mountain. But when she started climbing, suddenly a string of her bikini got caught in the rock and her clothes came open. Since Valentina live streamed the event, thousands of people watched the live video of what happened to her. However, Valentina pulled herself together in time and made the moment funny. She said that these rocks want to wear her bikini. This incident with Valentina went viral on social media. People called it a lesson for all. The way people make everything live in today’s time, we have to face such problems every day. Uncle wearing men’s bikini showed killer acts in the sea, people said – ‘Nora Fatehi’s business will be stopped’ Famous actress’s pain – my daughter was forced to KISS, Rani Mukerji came to harass her on a wheelchair – first flared up when asked for a photo Rani Mukherjee, again left irritated, shocking video! Sofia Ansari crossed all the limits of boldness by wrapping only a cloth, people said – ‘I have sold shame’ Pakistani viral girl Ayesha now did a bang dance on Haryanvi song, video made a splash! Fans called Prabhas a cartoon in Adipurush Teaser, Prabhas got angry at the director in the viral video. Karne lage Jeh Ali Khan, sat on the road: Funny viral video Viral video: Sara Ali Khan danced on Tinku Jia wearing a lehenga choli on the road, 5 lakh likes This week’s trending photos and viral video: Ranbir did Alia Bodyshame, Shahid – Ishaan’s bromance, Ranbir Kapoor calls Alia Bhatt’s increasing weight – stretched, Internet says 40-year-old man’s brain is as big as a child’s heart, Tiger Shroff’s football kick hits hearts Get News Updates & Movie Reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary woman live disaster woman cloth opens in live video as bikini stuck wardrobe malfunction in live video viral Story first published: Sunday, July 9, 2023, 11:07 [IST]


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