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Where Can I Go to Create an Explainer Video Under $3000?

Explainer videos are earning brands the needed attention and profit today. And the numbers speak facts, as 96% of users learn about a product or service through videos. Explainer videos have become such a thing in marketing that 83% of brands testify their effectiveness on their home pages. So, it’s expected that every business would want to make an explainer video.

But most explainer videos demand professional expertise in production and scripting, which eventually costs a significant amount of funding. And not all businesses can afford such high amounts, especially if it’s at the startup level. Still, you can get explainer video production services for under $3000 if you know where to look. And it also helps to understand what makes explainer videos great, the factors in the project’s pricing, and how it’s determined.

Benefits of an Explainer Video

Video content commands a tremendous amount of traffic that grows yearly. Online video viewing reached an audience percentage of 92% in 2021. A year later, the total number of users watching video content online was estimated at 3.37 billion. And 90% of consumers use their mobile devices to watch videos, according to Statista.

These numbers reveal the considerable potential in harnessing the richness of explainer videos for marketing strategies. And when included, every business is bound to enjoy the following perks;

  1. Grabs Target User Attention

Explainer videos are designed to speak to the audience yet relate to those for whom the message is written explicitly. This way, they call the attention of targeted users of the proposed product or service.

  1. Spreads Awareness Faster

The short clip format of explainer videos means you can disseminate information faster and in a catchy tone. It also means you can display it on a broader range of platforms and quickly get more shares from satisfied viewers.

  1. Displays Fun Visuals

Because designing explainer videos can be as flexible as needed, you can tell your story or share your info as fun and catchy as you wish. Users can be introduced to a world of compelling visuals, playful animations, or emotional dialogue.

  1. Simplifies Complex Concepts

Explainer videos excel at maximising short duration to share compelling information, incredibly animated versions. It’s why they’re so highly demanded today, as viewers can make sense of complex topics by watching a short, simplified video version.

  1. Catches Viewer’s Emotion

Explainer videos are great for harnessing the power of conviction through emotion. And since 65% of people learn visually while 95% of purchasing decisions are emotional, this benefit is quickly gained through video content.

  1. Boosts Brand’s SEO

When explainer videos are created with top-quality and engaging visuals, they push the web page’s search ranking to higher levels. This is because their usefulness and relevance gather more views, traffic, and reactions from social media platforms and webpages, indicating their significance’s search engine parameters.

  1. Solves Stated Problems

Explainer videos aim to show users how their products and service helps to solve given issues. But they’re also designed to express how related problems can be solved through the same product or service. This clarifies a user’s doubt on whether they’ll need the product. 

  1. Boosts Website Traffic

Current internet search parameters prioritise web pages with video content above others. And when you use the best explainer videos, it draws more users to your page and keeps them there. Plus, explainer videos have been proven to increase a landing page traffic conversion rate by 80%.

  1. Very Affordable

All the benefits of explainer videos are capped by them being generally affordable. While some may come at a higher price, others can be produced at lesser prices by skilled professionals at your beck and call.

How Are Explainer Videos Charged?

You can get an explainer video below $3000, but it helps to note that some cost more or less. This is subject to various factors, which include;

  1. Video Length- Longer videos will cost more, while shorter ones will cost less.
  2. Video Style- An animated explainer video price is usually higher than live-action options.
  3. Producer Reputation- The size and level of the agency designing the explainer video determine how expensive it’ll be.
  4. Animation Style- While whiteboard and 2D animation are considered the most affordable, 3D and stop motion are among the priciest.
  5. Custom Work Level- If your explainer video calls for more customised graphics and content, you’ll have to pay more.
  6. Message Complexity- Simpler concepts will be less pricey than complex ones, requiring less time and preparation.

Where to Get Explainer Video Services under $3000

Explaining videos can be expensive, but you can still afford under $3000. Different tiers of production levels charge varying prices, and the below can work around the given cost;

  1. Amateur

Some businesses prefer downloading animation tools and video editing resources to shoot or design their explainer videos. And while most of the software is cheap, some can even be free. In other cases, affordable amateurs can help create your explainer video for as low as $100. But both options would not come in high quality and often don’t cover different production processes…

  1. Freelancers

Some experts work as lone artists online and will charge around $50 to $2,000 per minute, depending on their experience level and reputation. But while the price range isn’t so high, most freelancers focus only on the animation and graphic designs but never on the scripting and storyboarding. They barely have the skills for such levels of work and would mostly request these resources before commencing work.

  1. Small Studios

Some smaller agencies can help design an impressive explainer video for $2000 or less. Such studios include a handful of creative professionals ready to show prowess. But most small studios may offer fewer services like scripting and illustration and will have to outsource these to external partners. Their small staff also means the project may take longer to complete.

  1. Explainer Video Production Agencies

Most explainer video production companies charge more than $3000, but Zelios Agency is known to charge less. Because it’s an established production studio, it has a complete house of professionals and handles every aspect of the explainer video production process. With an explainer video company like Zelios Agency, every client is involved in the project from start to finish, as schedules are planned around their availability and designs are implemented based on their customisation. And the finished work is always superior to the other option as clients get top-level graphics, animations, and visuals.

The Bottom Line

Getting your explainer video under $3000 isn’t impossible, but the question is whether the options available are all suitable. While most offer enticing perks to consider, their low production quality is enough to give you pause. But with an explainer video production company like Zelios Agency, you’re guaranteed compelling results with stunning visuals and fun concepts.


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