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When Vinod Khanna expressed his desire to have physical need and he talks about the importance of intimate relationship

Gossips oi-Filmibeat Desk | Updated: Tuesday, July 18, 2023, 18:00 [IST]

Vinod Khanna is called Bollywood’s problem actor and let us tell you that he has said goodbye to the world. But despite this, he has left his mark on everyone’s heart because of his films. Please tell that Vinod Khanna used to be very bold and bold in his real life. Not only this, there are many stories of the actor that he has been seen becoming uncontrollable while giving romantic and intimate scenes in films. For example, he became uncontrollable while doing a romantic scene with Madhuri Dixit in the film Dayavan. Intimate relationship was very important in Vinod Khanna’s life but let us tell you that once Vinod Khanna had expressed his wishes during an interview. He had accepted this fact without any hesitation that intimate relationship ie sexual relationship is very important in his life. The actor had even said during the interview that he is not a saint who will not love any woman or have sex with them. Vinod Khanna had expressed his desire to have sex Vinod Khanna, referring to his needs, also said ahead of the interview that “I was a bachelor and when it comes to women, I am not a saint. I also want to have sex. We need sex as much as everyone else. It’s because of women that we are here today. If it weren’t for sex, we wouldn’t be here. So why does anyone object to me being with women?” Married Geetanjali in 1971, but if we talk about Vinod Khanna’s love life, then let us tell you that during his college days, he met a girl named Geetanjali and the actor fell in love with her. After which both of them got married. In 1971, the actor had two sons from Gitanjali, Akshaye Khanna and Rahul Khanna. But later Amrita Singh came in Vinod Khanna’s life and Vinod Khanna and Amrita Singh worked together during the 1989 film Batwara. Both lost their hearts on each other. Vinod Khanna had taken retirement but let us tell you that when the shooting of this film was over, their relationship also ended. After which, after a few years, Vinod Khanna retired leaving his house, bar and films. He went to live in an ashram of Osho and Gitanjali decided to divorce Vinod Khanna as well. After returning from the ashram, he married Kavita but let us tell you that when Vinod Khanna returned from Osho’s ashram after a few years, he met a woman named Kavita and both fell in love. In this way the love story of Vinod Khanna and Kavita started and in 1990 both of them got married. After Kavita’s marriage, Vinod Khanna became Sakshi and Shraddha’s father. Vinod Khanna suffered the brunt of Amitabh Bachchan’s mistake, even today Big B regrets ‘Villain’ became a superstar, but why did everyone leave and become a monk? Rishi Kapoor, Sridevi, Vinod Khanna’s picture went viral – fans said, “Today Bollywood has lost ‘Chandni'” Death Anniversary: ​​Vinod Khanna retired from a brilliant career Akshaye Khanna’s mother Gitanjali Khanna died at the age of 70 in the last days, lost control during the bold scene, the actress was angry, you will be shocked to know Vinod Khanna Birth Anniversary: ​​leaving films to clean the toilet Superstar was engaged, you will be shocked 18+.. Became uncontrollable during S*X scene.. KISS the actress.. Do not see these PICS SHOCKING in front of everyone.. Leaving films, this superstar started cleaning toilet.. Be surprised Will go! Kriti Sanon responds to Rishi Kapoor’s tweet on Vinod Khanna’s funeral Amitabh Bachchan angry with the media..Know the reason Khanna expresses his desire to have physical needs and he talks about the importance of intimate relationships.


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