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When do you pay the 2021 bonus to public servants? Here are the dates published in the DOF

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By means of a presidential decree, yesterday, Monday, the federal guidelines for granting the 2021 Christmas bonus for officials and public servants were published in the morning edition of the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) .

According to the document, said provisions must be consistent with the austerity convictions of the current administration and the subjects who may receive a bonus must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a public servant
  • Trusted personnel of agencies and entities
  • Liaison and command personnel with various entities
  • Mexican foreign service personnel
  • Active military personnel
  • People who receive retirement benefits, military pension and civil pension

The amount is calculated as every year and is the equivalent of a minimum of 40 days’ salary, for public officials . This is determined on the base salary and remunerations authorized by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) . To calculate the daily payment of a government employee who receives his salary per month, an average of the collections of thirty days will be made.

The 2021 bonus for bureaucrats can be covered from November 8, 2021 and before December 20 .

The Institute of Social Security and Services for State Workers (ISSSTE) , reported that retirees and pensioners of the agency will receive the first part of the 2021 bonus on November 10 , and the second from November 29 .

For their part, pensioners of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) will be able to count on their Christmas bonus from   November 1st .

Why did you advance the 2021 Christmas bonus?

The decree does not specify the purpose of advancing half of the bonus to a part of the government employees. However, a few days ago Jorge Arreola Cavazos, head of the Competitiveness and Competition Unit of the Ministry of Economy (SE), pointed out that this was due to El Buen Fin .

“The participation of the Ministry of Finance, assumes certain commitments such as the advance of 50 percent (of the bonus), in the week prior to El Buen Fin, to facilitate that people have the resources available to make their purchases” , Arreola assured in statements collected by Milenio.

The 2021 bonus must be delivered directly to workers by the same means as an ordinary payment would be given. In the case of pensioners, the corresponding amount may be covered through their attorneys-in-fact.

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