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Welcome $LLARS : The brand new cryptocurrency token by Sollarmint

Sollarmint, a fresh new entrant into the world of information technology and blockchain technology, is currently preparing for the launch of their brand new cryptocurrency token. The name of this token is LLARS and it has the symbol $LLARS.

LLARS is a ERC20 token standard. ERC refers to the scripting standard used within the ethereum blockchain when the token is created and deployed. The token is deflationary in nature, with this type of token the supply decreases based on a burn feature. The token will burn the supply at a rate of 0.25%.

Sollarmint is currently focusing on the development and release of their NFT marketplace. The LLARS token will be incorporated into their NFT marketplace. The token will begin as a governance token. It allows the Sollarmints community to vote on or create new decisions focused on the marketplace. Potentially adding new utility for the token in the future.

LLARS is received through a system incorporated into the design of the marketplace. The token is given as a reward to both sides of marketplace transactions. This means that buyers and sellers will both receive the token as a reward. LLARS can also be purchased from the uniswap crypto currency exchange.

LLARS is currently preparing for the ICO of their token set for 1st May 2022. Prior to this release they will be releasing a whitepaper on 30th March 2022. This whitepaper will provide users with further details about the token such as the tokenomics involved, their roadmap and their vision.

To get more updates on the project, follow sollarmint on Twitter and Instagram, and join the discord channel.



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