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Want to Make Some Extra Money on Your Extra Space? Neighbor Makes It Simple.

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A home is the biggest investment many people will make in their lifetime. It can be a source of immeasurable pride and satisfaction. Yet for all the peace and comfort and joy that your home can offer, it also doesn’t take much to flip that script. Electrical problems, roof repairs, plumbing issues, or termites can change the bliss and solitude you feel from your home into a scene from the movie The Money Pit.


And every single one of those repairs or liabilities costs money to fix. Thankfully, many homeowners have an unused room, attic, garage, or other open space that can help turn that home liability into an asset, with the help of Neighbor.

Neighbor is the web’s top platform for turning your clear and open room or lot space into quick and easy storage space for someone else, generating you some fast and safe passive income.

All you do is open a Neighbor account, create a listing for the space you’re looking to rent, set your price, then let Neighbor get to work.

From your listing, Neighbor automates the entire rental process, starting with gathering interested potential renters looking for space in their area. From those applicants, users can assess each candidate, ask them questions, then pick their rentee, all hassle-free. Space owners only have to set their ground rules with new renters, then let them move their stuff in. Owners retain all control over the space and are even insured at up to $1 million in the event of any potential damage or problem.

The protection goes both ways with Neighbor, who also covers the renter for up to $25,000 should there be an issue. From boxes in your basement, to a boat in your driveway, to spot in your garage for someone’s motorcycle, Neighbor handles all payments, automatically depositing the rent into your account each month. They’ll even make sure space owners get paid if a renter flakes and doesn’t pay their rent.

The peer-to-peer system is a win-win as renters get safe, stable storage space for their stuff in a situation six times safer than a standard self storage facility. The Neighbor system is known to be six times safer than a traditional storage space, where many people pass through. Meanwhile, space owners turn their empty space into easy passive income, as these happy customers can attest:

If you’ve got empty space you’re looking to turn into monthly cash, all you have to do is open a Neighbor account, list your space, then wait for the right renter to come along, move in their stuff, and get you paid. Make money from your empty space today with Neighbor!

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