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Vyjayantimala failed affair with Raj Kapoor then married her fan actress marriage with her fan

Features oi-Filmibeat Desk | Published: Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 15:54 [IST]

The love story of Bollywood’s well-known actress Vaijayanti Mala is very special. Please tell that after reaching the peak of his career, he married one of his fans and surprised everyone. Let us tell you that there used to be a time when she had lost her heart on Raj Kapoor who was already married. But their relationship lasted for a very short time. There was a lot of ruckus regarding their relationship and then both thought it right to keep distance. Relationship with Raj Kapoor could not work Vaijayanti Mala is considered a famous actress of the golden era, whose heart started beating for Raj Kapoor. But despite this, he got married to one of his fans. Actually let us tell you that Vyjayanthimala and Raj Kapoor came very close to each other during the shooting of Sangam film. But later Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Kapoor got a clue about this and she went to stay in a hotel with the children. Raj Kapoor’s entire family was disintegrated and for this reason both of them thought it right to keep distance to save their family. Doctor met Fan in the hospital but later Vyjayanthimala chose her own fan as her life partner. In fact, if some reports are to be believed then let us tell you that once Vaijayanti Mala was taken to the hospital for the treatment of pneumonia and there she met a doctor. who was treating him. That doctor turned out to be his big fan. Not only this, the actress also became very emotional seeing the doctor’s love for her and the closeness between the two increased. The industry was surprised by marrying a fan, but Vyjayanthimala took a shocking decision when in 1968 she married Dr. Chamanlal Wali. The actress distanced herself from films after marrying a doctor. But despite this, he still had a connection with dance. Vaijayanti Mala is 89 years old. Please tell that when Vyjayanthimala started working in films, she was only 13 years old. Vaijayanti Mala’s heart fell on a married doctor, then achieved the status of love in this way; Blockbuster film, regret later Raj Kapoor, Sanjay Khan with N*de female dancer at Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandfather’s Bollywood party – old photo viral! There is a 104-year-old grand ‘Kapoor Haveli’ in Pakistan – which Raj Kapoor had left after the partition of 1947, PHOTOS Pakistani court took a big decision to demolish Raj Kapoor’s mansion, many people will be shocked! Throwback: Raj Kapoor had clashed with this superstar at Prem Chopra’s wedding, had said ‘Khooni’ Ranbir Kapoor What is Raj Kapoor’s biopic going to do? Bole- His life has been controversial so… Raj Kapoor’s Holi party- From Amitabh Bachchan, Nargis to Rishi Kapoor, used to play colors fiercely, had a lot of fun, PICS Pic Of The Day Started From Lyallpur: Taimur Ali Khan Relaxed Wearing Kurta Pajama, Hu Ba Hu Paranana Raj Kapoor’s Shadow Get Updates from Every News and Movie Reviews Allow Notifications You have already subscribed English summary Vyjayantimala failed affair with Raj Kapoor then married her fan actress marriage with her fan. Story first published: Wednesday, July 12, 2023, 15:54 [IST]


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