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Vocal for local, Nirbhoy Didi raises voice for gagged and speechless

New Delhi (India), April 18: Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury, popular as Nirbhoy Didi, has truly embodied the spirit of “Vocal for Local” through her dedicated service in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly representing the English Bazar constituency. Her nickname, Nirbhoy Didi, which translates to “Fearless Sister,” was affectionately given by the people of her constituency in recognition of her relentless efforts toward enhancing women’s safety and promoting equality. Beyond these pivotal issues, her work has extensively covered the socio-economic empowerment of migrant workers and the rural populace, as well as fostering communal harmony in the region.

Her extensive work over the past 35 years in advocating for the safety of women and the homeless is commendable. She was one of the founding pillars of ‘Nirbhoy Gram,’ targeted at empowering villages in the Malda district of West Bengal for the safety and security of women and children, highlighting a proactive approach to social issues that plague many parts of India and beyond.

Nirbhoy Didi, the “Cotton-Clad Champion of Equality,” embodies the spirit of resilience and dedication. Her journey, stretching across kilometres daily, is not just a testament to her physical endurance but also her unwavering commitment to the cause of justice and equality. She is a daring force to the current challenges of common people in her constituency. She has taken the vow not to reunite with her family until the women and girls get their due rights and respect in the Malda District, violence against them comes to an end, migrant workers/bidi workers attain self-reliance, villages affected by Ganga River erosion are resettled, illegal transportation of arms and ammunition and narcotic drugs is stopped, and nearby villages achieve economic stability.

The fight against such deeply entrenched issues requires not just the efforts of a single person but a collective movement. Nirbhoy Didi’s actions, while heroic, also underscore the need for systemic change and the support of a wider community to bring about lasting transformation. Recently, she led a Satyagraha in solidarity with the communities affected by the ongoing erosion of the Ganga River in Malda and Murshidabad. The event took place at HiranandapurAnchal, Bhootni, Kesarpur Colony Ganga Ghat, Manikchak Assembly, drawing widespread support from the local populace.

Expressing concerns over the pitiable conditions of women and other marginalised sections of society, Nirbhoy Didi commented, “When people in power seek comfort in protecting and appeasing the criminals and trespassers, we have no option than raising the voice of the victims through Satyagrahas and road shows. Until the shriek of the poor and oppressed makes a hole in their eardrums and reaches to their hearts, we will make all lawful efforts to get heard, noticed, and addressed.”

Her efforts in West Bengal’s political landscape, particularly in the areas of women’s rights, legal literacy, and social justice, not only demonstrate her dedication to these causes but also her ability to leverage political influence for social good. It’s clear that her work has had a substantial impact, contributing to the empowerment of vulnerable populations and fostering a safer, more equitable society.

As she continues to raise her voice for the gagged and speechless, Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhury’s work remains a beacon of hope and a model of impactful leadership. Her efforts toward women’s safety and equality are especially noteworthy at a time when these issues are increasingly coming to the forefront of global discussions. By addressing these concerns locally, Nirbhoy Didi has not only contributed to the welfare of her constituency but has also set a powerful example for others to follow, proving that change often begins with the courage to speak out and act in one’s own community.

Mitra Chaudhury’s journey from a social activist to a political candidate exemplifies the increasing role of women in Indian politics, not just as participants but as leaders championing the cause of gender equality, safety, and social justice. Her candidacy could potentially inspire more women to engage in politics, thereby fostering a more inclusive and representative political landscape in India. Her decision to contest the 2024 Lok Sabha elections further amplifies her dedication to bringing about systemic change through the legislative process. What makes her candidature particularly interesting is her distinction as the only female candidate from North West Bengal in these elections.


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