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Venust Oils Explains The Importance Of Creating And Consuming Healthy Cooking Oil

The renowned oil mill stresses the need to switch to healthier oil for longer life and a sustainable future

News desk, Pune, Maharashtra, 13 Aug 2021: Venust Oils, a noted oil mill in Pune, aims at spreading awareness about the importance of manufacturing and consuming oil that is healthy for the consumers and the environment alike. The company believes in manufacturing cooking oil that is free from chemicals and does not leave any waste behind to damage the environment.

As the country struggled with two disastrous waves of a global pandemic, the importance of preserving nature and once health became evident. Venust Oil believes in letting people understand how important it is for manufacturers to create sustainable products and for consumers to eat a healthy diet before it is too late. Charuta Jadhav, the founder of Venust Oils, aims at changing the oil consumption habits of society to build a healthier world.

She says, “Staying healthy is not always about compromising the taste of your food. It is also about making a change in the ingredients used for cooking delicious food. Our team at Venust Oils strives to bring about a change in the choice of cooking oils to prioritize health. Switching to a more organic and chemical-free oil will add to people’s lives without affecting the taste of their food.”

Along with producing organic oils, Venust Oils has been focusing on keeping the planet clean. The company believes in using sustainable packaging and watershed harvesting, making sure that there is no unusable waste once the finished product is manufactured. The central belief of the company is that the lives of humans, plants, and animals, are too valuable to take them for granted. This belief drives Venust Oils to continue with their vision of seeing the manufacturing of healthier oils become a prevalent trend.

“It is the responsibility of both consumers and manufacturers to bring about a change. When companies will stress on creating eco-friendly and healthier products for their consumers, the consumers are bound to have them. We are willing to fill this gap between intention and consumption by spreading awareness about the products that matter,” says Charuta.

About Venust Oils

Venust Oils is an oil mill located in Pune that produces organic and chemical-free products. The products of the company include a range of cooking oils, including almond oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, and many more. The company was founded by Charuta Jadhav with the intention of promoting the production of oils that is healthy and eco-friendly. The company has adopted an inclusive culture by growing fruits, vegetables, and grains in their own farms instead of getting them from external suppliers.


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