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US Fastener Introduces Wha' Cha' Thinkin' Bout?

DANIEL ISLAND, SC, UNITED STATES, November 18, 2021 / —

US Fastener introduces Wha’ Cha Thinkin’ Bout?

This NEW column is about ideas and concepts in the fastener industry to start some conversations among you and your co-workers, friends in the industry, or associates at trade shows and fastener association meetings. These are topics that come across my desk day-to-day from fastener distributors, fastener manufacturers, importers, and master distributors. Let me hear about Wha’ Cha Thinkin’ Bout? and we will enter them here in future columns and hopefully you will get some answers to your concerns and/or questions.

Here are ten items to start the ball rolling. Now let me hear from you about your concerns, ideas, and business questions. This column can be very beneficial to your business as a lot of ideas and solutions can and will come from your open discussions. Many times the “goofiest” idea may be the best solution. Finally, these discussions should also be fun and build teamwork at the same time.

+1 Ever discuss the potential of product liability from offering “value-added” service? For example, “product modifications” for fasteners that might fail in application.

+2 How can management improve employee motivation without spending a whole lot money?

+3 How important are brand name fasteners to your customers; or is the fastener industry satisfied with just supplying standard commodity fasteners?

+4 How should you react to a “price war?”

+5 Discuss the value of investing in training as it transfers into competitive advantage(s).

+6 Do you weigh EVERY shipment by a carrier, or are you at their mercy? Do you double check freight bill charges against your documents?

+7 Does the slogan “We ONLY sell distributors” influence your buying decision?

+8 What additional features would be valuable on the website Definitely let us know about this one!

+9 Ever thought of doing a “Silent Shopper” (fastener buyer) on your competitors or even your own company? They can be very worthwhile and give interesting results!

+10 Talk among your employees about the advantages of hiring a military veteran.

Let me hear from you and think that Quantity of ideas is more important than Quality! That way there are NO bad ideas.


Mike McGuire
Worldwide Fastener
+1 602-793-2383

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