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Uniform Civil Code What Muslim Women Want In Ucc Biggest Survey Revealed

Survey on UCC: The controversy on Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is intensifying within the nation. The Legislation Fee has requested spiritual organizations and folks to provide their opinion on UCC, whose final day is July 14. The strongest opposition to the Uniform Civil Code is coming from the Muslim spiritual leaders. News18 has carried out a survey concerning what Muslim ladies take into consideration UCC, during which stunning solutions have come out.

In the survey, 8035 ladies had been questioned in 25 states and union territories of the nation and an try was made to know what they consider the problems that may be included within the UCC. Seven main questions had been requested to the ladies within the survey. There was no direct point out of UCC in these questions, however they had been associated to the identical subjects that may be coated beneath it. Allow us to see what solutions Muslim ladies have given on this. In the survey, the figures of various training and age teams have additionally been given.

1- One regulation for all

Women had been requested whether or not they help one regulation for all of the individuals of the nation in private issues like marriage, divorce, adoption and succession. 67.2 p.c of Muslim ladies have answered ‘sure’ to this query. 25.4 p.c of Muslim ladies mentioned that they don’t help it, whereas 7.4 p.c had no opinion about it.

2- 4 marriages of Muslim males

Muslim ladies had been requested whether or not Muslim males ought to marry 4 ladies. 76.5 p.c of the ladies concerned within the survey have opposed having 4 wives. 17.4 p.c are in favor of it, whereas 6.1 p.c haven’t given any reply. 78.6 p.c of graduate cross ladies are in opposition to it.

3- Women and males have equal rights in property

On the query of giving equal rights to little kids in property, 82.3 p.c of Muslim ladies have supported it. Solely 11.1 per cent ladies have given the reply in ‘no’, whereas 6.6 per cent ladies will not be clear about this.

4- Marriage after divorce

73.7 p.c of Muslim ladies need that after divorce, Muslim {couples} ought to get the precise to remarry with none restrictions or situations. 18 per cent ladies don’t suppose so they usually have answered ‘no’. 8.3 p.c ladies didn’t give any opinion. If we have a look at the statistics of graduate ladies, then 79 p.c need to marry once more with none situations. Clarify that after divorce within the Muslim neighborhood, the husband and spouse must undergo the method of Halala for remarriage.

5- The function of faith in adoption

Ought to adoption be allowed irrespective of faith in adoption? 64.9 p.c ladies have answered sure to this query. 22.9 p.c ladies are in opposition to it, whereas 12.2 p.c mentioned that they have no idea or they can’t inform.

6- Proper of will

Ought to all grownup Indians be free to bequeath their property as they want? 69.3 p.c of Muslim ladies have supported it. 16.6 p.c ladies are in opposition to. Whereas, 14.1 p.c mentioned that they have no idea.

7- Age of marriage

In the survey, 78.7 Muslim ladies supported it when the query was requested about growing the age of marriage to 21 years for each women and men. There are 16.6 p.c ladies who don’t help it. The share of ladies who don’t have any opinion is 4.7.

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