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Uniform Civil Code Asaduddin Owaisi Tells How Difficult For Hindu Marriage Act

Uniform Civil Code: All India Majlia-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi is repeatedly protesting towards the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). Owaisi stated that our Hindu brothers will undergo probably the most from UCC. Together with this, he additionally focused BJP and RSS.

Owaisi stated that many rights of Hindu brothers shall be taken away from the UCC, which incorporates the Marriage Act in addition to many social and spiritual customs. Owaisi has shared a video, by which he has talked about the privileges given to Hindus, claiming that they are going to be taken away from UCC.

Talked about the Hindu Marriage Act

Citing the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Owaisi stated, on this act, it has been stated for Hindu siblings that there can’t be marriage for seven generations of the daddy and 5 generations of the mom, however an exception has been given. If the Uniform Civil Code comes, then an exception will finish.

Owaisi stated, in part 7 of the Hindu Marriage Act, it has been stated that you are able to do your marriage together with your conventional customs, however this may even go away from the UCC.

Referring to the subsection of Part 2 of the Hindu Marriage Act, he advised that the Hindu Marriage Act won’t apply to the Scheduled Tribes, however the best of the ST brothers to have a Uniform Civil Code may even be snatched away.

Joint household additionally stated Owaisi

The AIMIM chief stated that solely Hindu brothers have been given the power that if they begin a enterprise whereas dwelling in a joint household, they’ll get tax exemption, however after the Uniform Civil Code comes into power, this proper shall be taken away from them.

Owaisi claimed that the report of 2015 exhibits that Hindu brothers bought tax exemption of Rs 3065 crore below this legislation. He additionally claimed that Hindus have gotten exemption even in adoption.

goal on rss

Owaisi stated that not solely Muslims however others will undergo extra from UCC. If RSS is considering that solely Mullah ji will goal individuals by way of this, then you might be harming another person in our identify.

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