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.TUBE the domain name of YouTubers unveils "the youtube companion", a free tool to promote videos outside of YouTube

The Tool

Introducing domain names with integrated services, a revolutionary concept by .TUBE, the domain name of YouTubers

Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your marketing efforts”

— James Wedmore, Internet Entrepreneur

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — TUBE Corporation, an Internet Startup that holds the worldwide exclusive license to create .TUBE domain names announced today the launch of a platform designed specifically for YouTubers that allows them to increase their traffic, target their audience with precision, promote their content beyond YouTube and position their brand.

Domain names are always empty shells, white canvases but that is not the case of .TUBE domains because they have three tools integrated that are designed to promote Youtube channels and videos outside of YouTube:

1) One click redirect to a YouTube Channel (Vanity domain)

2) A Bit.ly like tool to create short links specialized for videos.

3) A Wix.com like tool to curate a mini playlist or tube channel using videos already on YouTube

“These enhanced tools boost the utility of .TUBE domains and position them as the perfect companion to a YouTube channel,” said Rami Schwartz, founder, and CEO. “With a combination of redirects, utilitarian and content short links, and an “off YouTube” playlist, YouTubers can establish a successful presence of their video content beyond the walls of YouTube”.

.TUBE Corp anticipates the adoption of this service will increase as YouTubers discover the unlimited possibilities of the tool. An early adopter is Acousticlub.Tube, a YouTube channel that targets guitar and piano players and has well over 600K subscribers. Below are a few examples of how the channel uses its .TUBE domain name to drive traffic and position its brand.

https://Acousticlub.tube – Vanity domain redirected to their YouTube channel
https://Acousticlub.tube/subscribe – call to action link to increase subscriptions
https://Acousticlub.tube/about – Utilitarian link that takes people directly to the about section of the channel
https://Acousticlub.tube/bohemianrhapsody – Intelligent, branded link directly to the Queen song
https://Acousticlub.tube/scaramouche – Link to a specific chord in the video
https://Acousticlub.my.tube – Off YouTube playlist created with the same videos available on YouTube

“Creators are increasingly looking to connect their YouTube channels and share their content across distributed platforms. With these tools connecting a .TUBE domain to a YouTube channel is a no-brainer, top-notch branding for our members, and we constantly recommend this to our community of creators,” said Jean Ben, founder of the Creators Network.

Hundreds of customers, including leading youtubers like Rammstein.tube, Moriah.tube, codykoyou.tube and jonsolo.tube have increased their traffic and subscribers significantly since the adoption of their .TUBE domain as a vanity address for their YouTube channels. With a powerful domain name that means video worldwide and a suite of services that enhances its capacity and functionality, .TUBE is poised to become the .COM of the age of Video.

.TUBE domain names can be purchased directly from Your.Tube or from any of the affiliate registrars in over 40 countries worldwide (https://www.get.tube/r). Users can choose the registrar of their choice and from there, point the Domain to Your.Tube and enable the services on the domain. The tool only works with .TUBE domain names and does not support any other domain termination.

By innovating in the domain name space and integrating unique services to it’s products, Tube Corp. adds value and creates benefits for its customers.

About .TUBE Corporation

The TUBE Corporation is the global concessionary of the .TUBE domain name registry and the only company in the world authorized to issue domain names that end in .TUBE. .TUBE domains are powered by GoDaddy, the biggest registrar and registry operator in the world. .TUBE domains have uptime and reliability of 99.99%

Learn More about .TUBE and the Tube Corporation. For more information, contact Rami Schwartz at rami@your.tube or call (781) DOT-TUBE (that is (781) 368-8823).

Rami Schwartz
Tube Corporation
+1 781-368-8823
email us here

You Create Amazing Videos, you found your niche and are growing your audience. Now it’s time to establish your brand with your own domain. TUBE is here to help


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