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Top 10 Best Heart Hospitals In India With Proven Excellence In Cardiology

Effective and holistic cardiology in India is more important now than it has ever been. With the cases of heart-related diseases increasing every year, it is important to spread awareness about the issue and treat patients suffering from the same.

Looking at the deteriorating conditions of cardiac patients in the country, heart hospitals across the board have stepped up and taken the initiative to help people lead healthy and happy lives. Along with enhancing their diagnoses and treatments, hospitals across the country are helping people understand the importance of a healthy heart.

Here are 10 of the best heart hospitals in India that have proven their excellence in cardiology and are active participants in bringing about a healthcare change in the country:

  1. Artemis Cardiac Care

Artemis Heart hopital

Artemis Cardiac Care is a highly respected cardiac hospital in India with multiple facilities across the country. Along with catering to the tier 1 cities of the country, Artemis is willing to provide modern cardiology practices and treatments to people living in tier 2 and 3 cities.

Whether you are looking for a heart hospital in Patna or Jammu, you will find an Artemis facility in the city. The doctors at Artemis Cardiac Care work with modern and state-of-the-art equipment to treat every patient. From electrophysiology and non-invasive cardiology to heart failure and transplant procedures, Artemis Cardiac Care ensures that the patients leaving the facilities go with big smiles on their faces.

Artemis recently joined hands with GEM Hospitals, Chennai, to make quality healthcare services accessible to patients living across the length and breadth of the country.

  1. Fortis Escorts Heart Institute And Research Center

fortis escort

Fortis is another popular name in the realm of holistic cardiac care in the country. It is one of the largest sole-standing private cardiac hospitals in the Asia Pacific region. The institute has to its credit numerous path-breaking research and procedures in the interest of medical science.

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute And Research Center, Delhi, is home to 200 specialized doctors and 1,600 employees working all day to provide seamless care to patients. The staff handles more than 14,000 patient admissions and over 7,000 emergency cases every year. Moreover, the facility is popular in the sector because of giving the first-of-its-kind E-ICU to the country.

  1. Asian Heart Institute


Asian Heart Institute is a highly popular cardiac hospital in Mumbai, known for its state-of-the-art amenities and comprehensive cardiac care. The facility meets global standards in terms of the healthcare services offered, and the panel of cardiologists hosted.

Asian Heart Institute has hosted more than 2,50,000 patients since its inception, with 33,000 angiographies and 22,000 surgeries performed. With regard to bypass surgeries, the institute boasts a success rate of 99.3%.

  1. Apollo Hospitals, Greams Lane

apollo hospital

Apollo Hospitals have earned a name for itself in the global healthcare sector. The initiation of a facility in Chennai has helped the group of hospitals revolutionize cardiology in the country. With high success rates and treatments performed by some of the best cardiologists in the country, Apollo Hospitals, Greams Lane, has become the go-to option for advanced heart surgeries and diagnoses.

With a success rate of 99.6%, the facility has performed over 1.5 lac surgeries to date. It hosts well-equipped CCUs for cardiothoracic concerns having a nursing ratio of 1:1. Moreover, Apollo Hospitals has taken a socially responsible step to treat underprivileged children under the “Save A Child’s Heart” initiative.

  1. Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital

nanavati hospital

There is hardly anyone in Mumbai who hasn’t heard of Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital. With some of the biggest celebrities trusting the finesse and acumen of the doctors therein, Nanavati is certainly one of the best and biggest cardiac centers in the country.

The facility provides patients with highly advanced diagnostic features like 64 slice PET-CT Scan, MrgFUS, High-intensity Focused Ultrasound, and more. Its ICCU for heart patients needing critical care ensures that the patients obtain comprehensive and personalized treatments as they battle life-threatening diseases.

  1. Max Super Specialty Hospital

Max Super Specialty Saket New Delhi -2

Max Super Specialty Hospital in Saket, New Delhi, has attained global popularity over time. With the capacity to admit 500 patients at a time, the hospital offers modern amenities and advanced procedures to diagnose and treat heart complications.

Max Super Specialty Hospital is home to some of the most reputed cardiologists and surgeons in the country, helping patients get treated in the best way possible. Some of the key diagnostic features of the hospital include 3 Tesla, electrophysiology studies, Phillips Brilliance CT scan, etc.

  1. Maxcure Heart Institute


Maxcure Heart Institute is a top heart hospital in Hyderabad that enjoys nationwide popularity. It specializes in diagnosing and treating heart-related ailments in adults and children. Some of the complex procedures performed by the cardiologists at the facility include doppler studies, bypass surgeries, and valve replacement surgeries.

  1. Manipal Hospital

manipal hospital

Manipal Hospital in Bangalore is dedicated to providing holistic cardiac care to cardiac patients across the country. It assures the patients to recover from some of the most complicated and serious heart complications due to the undying dedication and passion of the cardiologists therein. With 9 different room categories for serving dedicated purposes, Manipal Hospital provides 24/7 facilities for NICU, ICU, blood bank, laboratory, and operation theaters.

  1. BLK Heart Center

BLK Heart Center

BLK Heart Center, New Delhi, is another highly popular heart hospital in Delhi that does not compromise when it comes to providing end-to-end cardiac care facilities to its patients. It often treats patients coming in from different parts of the world, such as Maldives, Afghanistan, Europe, the Middle East, etc. With a 24-bed intensive Coronary Care Unit, the NABH and NABL-certified hospital is the first choice of many national and international patients seeking effective cardiac care.

  1. Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic

Ruby Hall Clinic is one of the oldest and most popular medical units in the city of Pune. The cardiac center at Ruby Hall Clinic is the second largest in the country. With 3 advanced cath labs and 4 fully-equipped cardiac operation theaters, the facility leaves no stone unturned to ensure the sound cardiac health of its patients.

The Final Word

These were 10 of the best cardiac hospitals in India that have proven their cardiac excellence over time. If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing even mild symptoms that may hint towards heart-related complications, make sure you seek help from a heart hospital near you.


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