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To Help Entrepreneurs: Types of Motivation as a Tool of Personnel Management

How do you know what motivates an employee? The desire to get approval from the management or colleagues, belonging to the team or the availability to spend free time playing a Gonzo’s Quest slot in India or watching TikTok? This depends on the type of motivation, which is peculiar to a particular person. Knowledge of these types and the ability to use the information in practice will help managers to competently build work with employees, and specialists – to properly prioritize and understand why something is working, and something is being given by force.

Money Makers 

They are ready to work hard 24 hours a day to earn more. They can find a way out of the most difficult situations for a reward. For them, the motivation must be transparent, achievable and profitable.

Money makers often choose professions with the ability to influence earnings, such as stockbrokers, realtors, active sales managers. The main secret of successful cooperation with such people is that their money ambitions should correspond to the goals of your department or company. Then there will be perfect synergy.

To motivate them, you need to give them a high percentage of the deal, increase their authority, and set up development plans.

Status Men

People with this type of motivation try to look solid, present themselves well, strive to be a little better than others, stand out favorably against their background. They are well aware of their merits and are proud of them. Most of all status seekers appreciate self-respect. Money can matter, but much more important is the status, opportunities and privileges they give.

To find out in a job interview, look at how the person presents himself or herself. Usually people with this type of motivation emphasize their importance. For example, they may say that in their previous jobs they reported directly to the CEO, and that he listened to their opinion. They also try to dress expensively and buy expensive accessories.

To motivate them you need to give them a high status position, a separate office equipped with the latest technology, to encourage public recognition and communication with colleagues and partners at the highest level.

Result Searchers

These are people with results. For them, it’s important to be faster, higher, stronger, to overcome all obstacles and every time climb to new heights. Difficulties only spur them on. But if there are no new challenges, the level of motivation of such people may decrease.

At a job interview, such people don’t hesitate to talk about their successes, accompanying them with numbers and dates, like athletes about the Olympics (they are athletes).

They should be given interesting and complex tasks with a limited time limit.

Romantic Lovers

People with this type of motivation are characterized by a developed imagination, non-standard approaches, and boldness of judgment. They are ready to follow their dreams. Their environment is important for them, it’s essential to correlate themselves with the goals, the mission of the company. Moreover, these people always have a lot of ideas. Another thing is that realization of these ideas isn’t always their end.

At interviews, such people usually ask about the atmosphere in a team, corporate spirit and mission with a vision. They will spend 2 hours on the road if they like people or an idea.

To motivate them, you often need to discuss the employee’s mission, their successes, their path to their goal, and maintain team spirit in person.

Keep in mind that these types of motivation are quite rare in their pure form, without “impurities.” Companies need employees of all types to work effectively, and in any person, motivations tend to be closely intertwined.


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