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TMKOC, 3rd December 2021, Written Update: Bhide goes saree shopping

In today’s episode, Bhide is in the same shopping mall as Madhvi. Bhide tries to find the same saree at the shops in the mall. The shopkeeper misinterprets Bhide’s approach as a request for donations. Bhide claims he’s come to buy a saree, but the merchant replies he doesn’t have the same one.

Madhvi and Sonu struggle to find a good gift for Vinayak. In the mall, Bhide encounters Madhvi and Sonu. He hides behind a pillar. Bhide walks to another store and requests the same saree. The store manager thinks that Bhide is a servant who burnt the saree of his owner. Bhide says it’s his wife’s saree. The couple in the shop get into a fight because her husband doesn’t iron her saree. Bhide stops them. He couldn’t find the saree in that store either. 

Madhvi and Sonu purchase a gift and decide to go home and get ready. Bhide hides from them. Sonu spots Bhide’s scooter in the mall’s parking lot. Madhvi calls Bhide, asks him about their scooter, and assumes that the scooter has been robbed. Bhide lies that he has come to purchase sweets for Vinayak and surprise him. Madhvi feels happy and says that she is very lucky to have him as her husband. Bhide asks Madhvi to leave, and he’ll be back in a while. 

Madhvi is excited to wear the saree and expresses her joy to Sonu. Bhide is looking for a saree. Madhvi and Sonu return home and begin looking for the saree. Madhvi calls Bhide and inquires about her saree. Madhvi is unable to find her saree. Bhide hangs off the phone. Bhide calls Vinayak, who claims he is still in the home and hasn’t started yet. Bhide asks him to come slowly and advises him to take a longer route because the regular route is busy. 

Bhide finds the same saree but a little different in colour. He gets a call from Taarak. Taarak asks him to lie that the colour changed while ironing. 

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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