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This Children’s Day, The LEGO Group Promises an Extravagant Children’s Day Fiesta for all the Little Ones out there

The idea of ‘all work no play’ surely makes Jack and all the little ones out there dull and bored. But how about some creativity and fun pepped up to it to make the play, exciting and informative? Here’s what’s got the young guns and parents covered! In its endeavor to open a world of possibilities and celebrate the true spirit of Children’s Day, LEGO India brings two engaging initiatives, that promises a fun-filled learning experience for the little ones – a 3-day LEGO City Workshop and The LEGO Digital Citizenship Program.


The LEGO City Master Class & The LEGO Digital Citizenship Program


The 3-day hands-on LEGO City workshop, in association with Sundaybricks will be held virtually on 12th-13th and 14th November via Zoom. Consisting of 3 batches per day, Morning (11 AM to 12 PM), Afternoon (3 PM to 4 PM) and Evening (6 PM to 7 PM), the workshop will encourage our little heroes to build their own LEGO City and bring it to life with their imagination and creativity- all this while having LOADS OF FUN! Through the course of the workshop, the kids can look forward to a series of little surprises, making it engaging and interactive for them as they learn on the go! Each participant will also get a gift voucher worth INR 500 after completing the workshop.


Adding on to the joyful fervor for the young minds on this special day, the LEGO Group also brings a thought-provoking yet an engaging initiative with The LEGO Digital Citizenship Program. With an aim to create a digitally safe and responsible environment for children, the program is a set of brand-new experiences for kids and their grown-ups that use the power of play to raise digitally smart families, giving them an opportunity to thrive in the digital-savvy world. The LEGO Digital Citizenship Program will have selected collection of quick guides covering important key topics related to digital citizenship and online child safety. Some of the interactive tools like Doom the Gloom, Build & Talk adventures encompasses varied activities that will equip kids and young parents with knowledge and necessary skills and help them understand the importance of different important aspects like Screen Time, False Information Online, the “gloom” of being online etc. It will also allow families to better understand and support their children’s journey towards digital thriving in a playful way via fun family quizzes and crash-courses.


Talking about the special initiatives for Children’s Day, Bhavana Mandon, Marketing Director, LEGO India said, “As a brand that is committed to developing the builders of tomorrow, we’re proud to launch two interesting initiatives on this significant day that’s dedicated to our little ones and aim to reinstate our purpose of combining learning through play. While the LEGO City Workshop is intended to celebrate the fun, imagination, and creativity of building a smart, vibrant LEGO City from scratch, the need to understand the importance of online safety amongst the kids has never been more imperative and The LEGO Digital Citizenship Program is an effort in that direction. Both the initiatives perfectly combine the unique approach of LEGO values and play, and we hope to drive change and create an enjoyable experience for kids and parents alike.”


Time to indulge in some playful learning on Children’s Day with LEGO City Workshop and LEGO Digital Citizenship Program. Check out these links to get more details.





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