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Thermic Science Upgrades New Client American States University with Full Digital HUB Integration Expands Internationally


Thermic Wins Big, Begins its University Scholarship Apprentice Operations Program Integration to Hire 1,000 Industry Apprentices Worldwide

Thermic Science International Corporation (OTCMKTS:ENDO)

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, January 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Thermic Science Begins Digital HUB Upgrading New Client American States University with Full Software Systems Integration to Expand University HUB Operations Internationally, Thermic Wins Big, Begins its University Scholarship Apprentice Program to Hire 1,000 Industry Apprentices Worldwide

NASHVILLE, TN, Thermic Science International Corporation, formerly known as aka ENDOCAN CORP. (OTC:ENDO) an emerging leader in traditional mergers and acquisitions, business development, and Digital HUB Integration is pleased to announce its newest client and partner American States University. The client partnership is focused on introducing one of the largest Nationwide University Scholarships Programs offered, City by City, Coast to Coast, Scholarships for education, family, and business.

With the new Digital HUB software integration well underway, American States University, a Hybrid University offers the “big three” mix of online, in class, and in-field training is now accepting Pre-registration for 2022 courses and ready to grow. The University has virtually every mainstream Industry covered for Personal development and/or Business economic development through its constant and flexible Scholarship Programs.


Pre-register now! Inspire, Dream, Change

It’s Free to Discover! Students, Scholarships, Apprentices, Professors, Instructors, and those who wish to teach.

Personal and Business Scholarships covering most areas of Industry and Services:

School of Law; School of Business; School of Agriculture; School of Fine Arts, School of Health Science; School of Sustainability-Division of Alternative Energy; Certified Professionals & the Department of Advanced Technology, along with over 37 Trade Skills Courses and coveted Entrepreneurial Programs.

With multiple Schools of Excellence, the University is positioned to become an Internationally recognized leader in traditional and digital hybrid mix of Degree and Certificate Programs. It will provide the financial and managerial resources needed to expand those offerings rapidly’ into Communities of need and establish several new paradigms for instant non-traditional hybrid education, expanding across the country and Internationally as market conditions dictate.

American States University is the only University that can provide the flexibility, affordability, and accessibility to the general public needed to provide this level of education. American States University is a unique hybrid mix of online, in class and in field education. It is a unique and creative educational brainchild of its Founder, President and Chancellor. American States came from humble beginnings; took advantage of all the opportunities offered by this great country; and is now giving back those same opportunities to his future students.

The University Scholarship Apprentice Project will cover most industries and will be an ongoing University Project of mass-scale to include all industries categorized and assembled with real-time Digital access. Covering Education, Food, Medical, Agriculture, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Transportation, Defense Security, Aerospace, Television & Media and so much more. Job creation, business consulting, partnership opportunities, personal enhancement education, including business and personal Scholarships.

Any Community, any Student, any Business, coupled with the aggressive Student Scholarship Apprentice Programs creates any job, or any company, for any Student, in any Industry, anyone that wants to join the Scholarship Apprentice Program.

Scholarship Apprentices: Mobilizing large work force groups, any Industry, any Contract, even Community Clean up, Construction, Security, full University Digital HUB Integration, Mass Job creation, Apprentice Scholarship Programs, and Family Assistance Programs. American States University believes that everyone should have an opportunity to learn and earn if they want too, so we do.

The University curriculum delivers hybrid foundational knowledge and real-world skills to immediately prepare you for your career. The University will provide real-time Digital Business HUB access for all its Students and Business Scholars, along with several new and existing partner companies for constant flow of jobs in various industries. The work is real as these Companies are already providing some of these services to the University and other Companies they will be listed in real-time as each job contract presents itself.

This partnership supports Thermic Science International strategies in as a Global Digital Immersion HUB leader and Advanced Technology implementation expert for business consulting regard to traditional business and personal enhancement services with advanced digital Interactive real-time instant business services and information HUB servicing 100’s of evolving industries worldwide. Product development, and personal services that has a vast list of traditional Business, Personal, and Financial Services Merged with Leading Digital Cloud and Crypto Capabilities to meet the New Digital ERA Emergence with Powerful Real-time Interactive DataFlow Tools.Perfect Mix for Their Hybrid, for Distressed Communities & Family Improvement Programs a Powerful Mix of Real-time Access and Tracking Tools now.

American States University will dedicate a portion of its admissions to a scholarship program which will mature into apprenticeships for the Thermic Science International company projects and programs. The university will take advantage of all Thermic Science International’s business and personal consulting, partnerships, and all of the acquisition networks that have merged into one Digital HUB access point for everyone to access.

Client Partners and Client Companies merged, Digital Immersion HUB, Version 2.0 Program:

Website update coming soon. Version 2.0, Change is now.


Version 2.0

Version 2.0

Version 2.0

Version 2.0

Forward Looking Statements

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American States University

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