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The Top XL American Bully Breeders in the World Right Now

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These top XL American bully breeders maintain ethical breeding practices, have a proven track record of excellence, and have the best customer relationships.

CHICKASHA, OK, USA, June 20, 2023/ — The American bully dog is one of the fastest-growing large dog breeds in the world. At the same time, breeding American bully dogs is no easy feat, and droves of unscrupulous breeders with zero breeding ethics are sprouting everywhere to cash in on the growing fame of this large dog breed.

The few top xl American bully kennels currently on the market typically focus on producing well-socialized, healthy puppies with desirable traits, whilst adhering to strict breeding standards.

Here is a list of the top American bully breeders in the world right now, who have shown their exemplary skills in bringing out the best physical attributes and temperament in their pitbull puppies.

1. Manmade Kennels

Manmade Kennels are one of the top American bully breeders in America right now. They are known for producing American bully puppies with impressive athleticism, temperament, and muscular build. Manmade Kennels’s breeding program emphasize structure, size, and overall well-being of their dogs, and their commitment to ethical breeding practices has earned them respect in the community. The brand has grown worldwide and today has affiliate breeders in Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, California, and Europe.

2. Monster Bullies

Based in Portland, Oregon, Monster Bullies pride themselves on producing big and colorful XL pitbull dogs. They have spent years perfecting their bloodline and today they can boast of pitbull puppies that are big, muscular, and very friendly to their owners and strangers. Monster Bullies are expanding their reach and today they have affiliate breeders in several US states as well as South Africa.

3. Gator Head Bullies

Gator Head Bullies is another family-owned business that operates in Caledonia, Mississippi. Their Instagram page says it all, Gator Head Bullies produces some of the stockiest American bully dogs bred for companionship and families. Gator Head Bullies are very active on TikTok as well, where they have garnered over 300,000 followers and 3.9m likes on their photos and videos.

4. Top Dog Bullies

Top Dog Bullies is home to the legendary American bully, Ace. Located in Tennessee, Top Dog Bullies have been in the pitbull breeding business for four decades and their specialty is in Xl pitbulls and XXL bullies. Their vision is to produce American bully dogs that make the best family members, best friends, and guardian angels.

5. Swag Kennels

If you are even looking for the top xl American bully breeders in Seattle, Washington, then you should definitely look up Swag kennels. Swag Kennels boasts of their champion Phantom, who is the world’s only two-faced Merle American bully. They specialize in Xl and XXL American bully dogs which they train and socialize to be great family dogs. Their dos exhibit impeccable temperament and structure

6. Trevinos Pitbulls

Trevinos Pitbulls, located in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is a family-owned Kennels that specializes in pitbulls and American bully dogs. Their dogs are praised for their temperament, strength, and drive. With over 20 years of breeding experience, Trevinos Pitbulls are an established name in the XL and XXL pitbull world, and their dogs have won the ABKC championships.

7. Venomline

You cannot mention the top xl American bully kennels without mentioning Venomline bullies. They are a well-known American Bully breeder that specializes in producing pocket, standard, and XL American Bullies. They have produced some of the most sought-after American Bullies in the world and have won numerous awards and accolades.

8. Bossy Kennels

Carlifonian-based Bossy Kennels is a family-owned and well-known American Bully breeder that has bred American bully dogs for over a decade. They are famed for their show-quality dogs with great temperaments. Bossy Kennels has won multiple awards for their amazing breeding ethics, and their dogs have won many championships too.

9. Razor’s Edge Kennels

Razor’s Edge Kennels is a popular American Bully breeder that has been producing high-quality American Bullies for over 20 years. They are known for their beautiful and healthy dogs and have won multiple awards and championships. As one of the best XL American bully breeders, they are famous for producing the Razor Edge bloodline of muscular pocket bullies.

It’s important to note that the popularity and rankings of the top xl American bully breeders may fluctuate over time, as new breeders emerge and established ones continue to improve their programs. Before choosing a breeder, it is crucial to conduct your own research, visit their facilities if possible, and engage with their past customers to ensure they align with your values and breeding preferences.

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