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The Published Reporter® Rated Less Bias, More Reliable Than Several Major News Organizations

The Published Reporter® – Truth and America First™

Newscast Chart Placement

Newscast Chart Placement

Media watchdog determines that while material skews slightly ‘Right of Center’ it has ‘High Variation of Reliability’

In an age of thriving misinformation, we work hard to ensure readers of The Published Reporter® are provided with true and factually accurate information.”

— John Colascione

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2022 / — The Published Reporter®, a news and media outlet headquartered in South Florida, has been rated by Ad Fontes Media, a Colorado-based media watchdog organization known for its federally registered “Media Bias Chart®” and rates media sources in terms of political bias and reliability. The recently discovered rating for The Published Reporter cites the publication as being less bias and more reliable than several major media news organizations.

For instance, in January 2022, the Colorado-based watchdog determined that material published by The Published Reporter skews “Right of Center” and is “Opinion Based” or has a “High Variation of Reliability,” assigning it an overall score of 11.70 for “Bias” and 27.00 for “Reliability” respectively.

For the chart, zero is considered no bias while the higher the reliability rating, the more reliable a publication is perceived to be. A sampling of data, all of which is publicly available on the group’s website via static and licensable interactive charts, places The Published Reporter above several major news and media companies.

The Published Reporter® – Bias: 11.70 Reliability: 27

Media companies deemed to have both more bias, while being less reliable were:

• Bill O’ – Bias: 25.55 Reliability: 21.72 (more bias, less reliable)

• Fox News Hannity – Bias: 25.67 Reliability: 19.72 (more bias, less reliable)

• The Epoch Times – Bias: 19.73 Reliability: 20.19 (more bias, less reliable)

• Tucker Carson Tonight- Bias: 23.38 Reliability: 20.21 (more bias, less reliable)

• The Ben Shapiro Show- Bias: 20.83 Reliability: 24.81 (more bias, less reliable)

• Glenn Beck – Bias: 23.46 Reliability: 21.14 (more bias, less reliable)

Media companies deemed to have more bias, yet considered more reliable were:

• Newsmax – Bias: 15.37 Reliability: 30.46 (more bias, more reliable)

• Breitbart – Bias: 15.94 Reliability: 30.29 (more bias, more reliable)

• Daily Wire – Bias: 14.07 Reliability: 32.80 (more bias, more reliable)

• – Bias: 13.57 Reliability: 35.54 (more bias, more reliable)

• Washington Times – Bias: 12.37 Reliability: 36.07 (more bias, more reliable)

• New York Post – Bias: 12.55 Reliability: 32.46 (more bias, more reliable)

The groups Media Bias Chart® is used to rate thousands of news and media publishers from podcasts to television news, to internet sites.

“I think the rating is fair and as Publisher, I’m comfortable being included in a list along side many news and media sources I personally watch, read and/or listen to on a daily to weekly basis” said Chief Executive Officer, John Colascione. “In an age of thriving misinformation, we do work hard to ensure readers of The Published Reporter® are provided with true and factually accurate information. Our opinion content is also well labled and differentiated from our news reporting.”

For more on how the public benefit corporation gathers its ratings watch Dan Abrams Live on NewsNation where the television news journalist covers “What the media bias chart reveals about CNN and Fox News:

About The Published Reporter®

The Published Reporter® is a news and media outlet which focuses primarily on news and current issues related to the United States with a local focus on South Florida. In November 2020, the online newspaper announced it had reached a significant milestone; inclusion in Feedspot’s coveted “Top 100 USA News Websites” list, putting the independent Published Reporter website shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the heavy-hitters in the media world in terms of traffic, recognition and quality. It remains an advocate against the lame stream media and focuses on Truth and America First™.

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