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The Picasso Cover-up

What the Picasso Intelligentsia has chosen to hide

CHâTEAUGUAY, QUEBEC, CANADA, November 29, 2022 / — The Picasso Cover-up
A new book, Picasso and Marie-Thérèse Walter: The Censored Story (Tellwell Publishing, July 2022) speaks of sexual indiscretions on a prepubescent girl and Picasso’s protracted efforts over the years to try and erase all of Marie-Thérèse’s early life narrative, starting with her true family origins; for she was really a Jewish girl says the author of the new memoir, Marc Poissant, and not at all German or Swedish as speculated by Picasso’s many biographers.

When she became a Star model during the early thirties, Picasso had to invent a story for explaining how he allegedly met this young girl on Haussmann Boulevard in Paris in January 1927; it was quite a remarkable chance happening he said; “she was only seventeen you know…”

But this tale is a complete fabrication according to the author of The Censored Story, who has an impressive list of evidence for sustaining his claim, while also reminding us of what Picasso once told a French journalist, Hélène Parmelin, as he neared the end of his life :“You must not always believe what I say; questions tempt you to tell lies, especially when there is no answer.” In 1973, Picasso went to his grave at age ninety-two and carried with him the darkest of all his secrets, but so did Marie-Thérèse who was found hanged in her home’s garage at age sixty-eight in 1977; a recluse for many years, she had lived her whole life under the mask of false representation.

So seemingly, Marie-Thérèse was never the illegitimate daughter of Émilie Marguerite Walter and a man by the name Léon Valroff as we were told repeatedly; instead, the evidence (“unequivocal” according to the author) shows that she was actually the secret daughter of Eva Gouel, a former live-in mistress of Picasso who died prematurely of breast cancer at age thirty in 1915; as for the father, the fifteen-year research behind this book has revealed that he was Léonce Rosenberg, brother of Paul, the art dealer who became Picasso’s best asset starting in 1918.

But The Censored Story is not only about trying to resuscitate some of Marie-Thérèse’s lost narrative, it is also about calling out the Picassos and their own campaign of disinformation since the artist passed away. Also guilty of foul play is the Picasso Intelligentsia (some museum officials and curators, art historians and Picasso exegetes, etc.) the experts who were all thoroughly briefed by the author now more than a decade ago by way of a highly detailed study written specifically for their benefit; their response to the study? See, but speak no word.

For the media wishing to review The Censored Story (23 chapters, 295 pages, 5 illustrations) copies can be obtained at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Indigo eBay and more. The author can be contacted at but asks that reviewers first carefully read the book before trying to reach out.

Marc Poissant
Marc Poissant


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