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The Opportunities of Real-Time Human Diagnostics (RtHD) in Healthcare

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The Future of Healthcare Is Bright

LEXINGTON, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2022 / — An emerging trend that is shaping the future of healthcare is Real-time Human Diagnostics (RtHD). Learn how this pioneering tool can cut costs, save lives, and more.

It is well-known that patients live longer, healthier lives when chronic disease progression is delayed or even prevented through timely diagnosis and appropriate clinical management. When it comes to managing chronic health conditions like diabetes and congestive heart failure, it’s essential to have immediate and constant access to diagnostic and monitoring tools and information. However, that is not always possible, as the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated.

At the beginning of the pandemic, most providers lacked access to essential tools that would have allowed them to monitor patients with chronic medical conditions remotely. This fact meant it was impossible to prevent already-diagnosed conditions from worsening.

According to a review of the research, patients with hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, and mental health issues were most impacted during COVID-19 due to a reduction in access to care and diagnostics.

The turmoil caused throughout the healthcare community and among patients during the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how critical it is for professionals in the healthcare field to be able to engage with patients and have answers to healthcare questions —even when it isn’t possible to have an in-person appointment.

As the population continues to grow and diseases become increasingly complex, there is a naturally growing demand for the ability to provide effective, efficient care, even at a distance. This information can be vital for avoiding increases in patient mortality and morbidity.

Both acute and chronic illnesses will continue to be significant, potentially life-changing, occurrences in peoples’ lives. Fortunately, real-time human diagnostics (RtHD) can make it easier for people to cope with diseases while also assisting physicians and other healthcare professionals in offering improved patient services.

What Is Real-Time Human Diagnostics?

Real-time human diagnostics provides real-time data to healthcare professionals and patients. Having real-time access to health-related human data is not an entirely new concept. At-home pregnancy tests, COVID tests, and glucose monitoring systems are examples of real-time human diagnostics. These tools provide immediate answers to patients and physicians. While these and similar tests meet a basic but critical need, there’s so much more that can be done.

This is where Xcellent Life steps in with Real-Time Health Diagnostics or RtHD. The RtHD technology utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide healthcare professionals, corporations, insurers, and others with timely and accurate healthcare data. This can help improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery and head off serious medical complications for at-risk patients.

The Benefits of Real-Time Diagnostics

Provides real-time data to healthcare providers and patients

Allows providers to track numerous health metrics whenever necessary

Enables earlier diagnosis of serious conditions, which may improve outcomes

Allows for more efficient healthcare operations

Optimizes research and development in the medical industry

Patients and healthcare professionals both benefit from RtHD in a variety of ways.


There are many benefits of RtHD for patients. It provides them with needed information to take steps to better manage chronic conditions.

Empowered Partners

Patients benefit from RtHD because this information allows them to take control of their health. They have the information needed to take action.

Provides Immediate Answers

Real-time Human Diagnostics provides information to help patients make everyday health decisions in real-time. They can take immediate action to improve their wellness instead of waiting days or weeks for tests to come back.

Improves Patient Satisfaction

One of the critical factors that impact patient satisfaction is the cost of health care. Hospital settings are among the costliest in terms of care. Real-time Human Diagnostics can help keep patients out of high-cost hospital settings by providing them with the information they need to address medical issues before they worsen. This leads to lower costs and happier patients.

Helps Enable Equal Access to High-Quality Care

One of the most exciting facets of RtHD is that it has the power to promise better health outcomes to everyone, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status.


Consider how integrated technology has become in most people’s daily lives. It’s not unusual for people to carry at least a smartphone wherever they go. Some even have multiple phones, a tablet or a laptop that also goes everywhere with them.

It is a natural extension to expect these devices to help people keep tabs on their health and well-being. RtHD utilizes technology that patients already understand to help them better manage their health.

Healthcare professionals

Real-time Human Diagnostics can greatly aid providers in treating chronic conditions and ease overburdened medical practices.

Better Preventative Care

It’s much easier to prevent an illness than to stop it once it has developed. RtHD can help providers detect health problems before patients even notice symptoms.

Increase Productivity

One advantage of RtHD technology is that it can increase the productivity of the healthcare provider. With less time spent on administrative duties, the medical professional is free to be more responsive to patient needs.

Remote Monitoring

RtHD helps healthcare professionals to keep better tabs on how their patients are doing. Gather real-time patient insights that allow you to make informed treatment decisions.

Better Outcomes

Real-time Human Diagnostics may help providers achieve better outcomes in several ways. It reduces the time involved with diagnosing significant changes in the patient’s health. It also enables earlier diagnostics of serious conditions.

More Efficiency

RtHD helps prevent resource waste and maximizes the use of resources within healthcare systems. This can free up beds in busy hospitals.

Xcellent Life Is Leading the Way With Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Answers

Once the province of science fiction writers, artificial intelligence is now real, functional technology. Business leaders across various industries are increasingly investing in AI with the belief that it will improve outcomes for all interested parties.

The healthcare industry is no exception. When it comes to health education and ensuring overall population health, AI is the clear choice for taking healthcare into the future.

Integrating AI into healthcare may provide several advantages to all stakeholders in the industry, including patients. Some AI-related advantages may include:

Providing real-time data to healthcare providers and patients

The ability to track numerous health metrics whenever necessary

Earlier diagnosis of serious conditions, which may improve outcomes

More efficient healthcare operations

Optimized research and development in the medical industry

Consumers, healthcare providers and others concerned with the industry may benefit from the ease of access that AI provides.

Real-Time Data

For consumers and healthcare systems to benefit from RtHD, it is essential to have access to massive amounts of data. Currently, Xcellent Life Inc. collects real-time data concerning:




Blood metrics

Biometric vitals


Medical conditions



Personal health profiles

All of these data are combined in the Xcellent Life Cloud Platform to provide real-time information concerning every participant.

Using the software, mobile applications and biometric sensors, Xcellent Life makes it possible to analyze and even forecast health outcomes in real-time. Additionally, end users can manually supply factors, and healthcare providers can also upload information.

Integrated with Fitbit, Apple Health Kit, Garmin and Samsung, the RtHD technology can easily be integrated with alternative data sources. In fact, Xcellent Life provides a suite of solutions geared toward corporate wellness, remote patient management, patient engagement, health-risk analysis, military applications, underwriting optimization and more.

The Future Is Looking Bright For RtHD

Immediate information is critical to good health. Providing timely diagnostic information can help patients and providers make better choices daily. Thanks to the widespread adoption of RtHD technology, it may be possible to avoid or minimize hospital stays and doctor visits. People may be able to make better-informed lifestyle decisions, and the technology may even help patients choose medical treatments that make the most sense for them.

Xcellent Life Inc. is poised to provide this vital information to end-users and care providers, improving outcomes for all involved. Reach out to learn more today.

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