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The only way to learn about Peace and Love is through knowing about Jay Shetty.

Born & raised in London , Jay Shetty is the most followed personality on the social media today by alot of Hollywood & Bollywood stars online and seen interacting with a couple of them as well. He is a very renowned influencer and personality on he social media with 8.9 Million followers on Instagram &  41.4 lakh subscribers on youtube. That’s a massive amount of fan base Mr. Jay has gained overtime.

Jay Shetty is a life coach and one of the most renowned and inspirational speakers around the globe. He has been super heard on spotify as well where he hosts this number one channel called “ On purpose with Jay Shetty” where numerous topics have been discovered and spoken by the speaker Jay Shetty.

Jay Shetty published a book called “ Think Like A Monk” which was released in the middle of the pandemic and it turned out to be a bestseller.

He was a monk at the age of 22 , An employee at the age of 25 and now a corporate guru at the age of 32.

Jay was a very simple person until a monk changed his life. He lived in an Ashram in India where he learned alot about the mediation and the positive purpose of life and all of this was a total unknown learnings for him.

His father was born in Pune, but originally from Bangalore & his mother born in yemen but she is a gujarati “ In a recent interview Jay also talked about how an Indian society has a very heartwarming hospitality when visited”.

He even spoke about how he was bullied at the school for being overweight and as an indian kid it was hard for him to adjust in such a society and culture ,he was just 5-6 years old but as growing up jay never thought negative about anything he always thought of helpings others , serve others and support them. Even after becoming a content creator or a monk his intention towards the society is to help others and guide them. He describes his life being easy and difficult at the same time.

Jay Shetty’s youtube and instagram is full of positive content that you would go through. When jay left the Ashram and came back he was in total debt and so he moved in with his parents age 26 , and he was figuring out things for himself, But his friends who worked into the offices they would experience stress , burnout and anxiety issues where he was invited to talk about the peaceful mind and soul at the company and started to see a major impact where he continued doing it and 2016 is when he started sharing out these wisdom bytes online which turned to be a massive growth for him.

He has about 365 million views on his video called “ Pressure “ he mentioned that it is necessary to spread such messages as half of the society today is rushed out of pressure.

Jay also shared a message to its audience saying “ When nobody else celebrates, learn to celebrate yourself, When nobody learns to compliment you learn to compliment yourself. It is not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It is up to you. Encouragement should come from inside”. – Jay Shetty


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