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The one important message from the United Nation's COP27 is don’t wait for governments to act

Bloom is on a mission to scale sustainability services with cutting-edge digital tools

The private sector is driving decarbonisation while governments struggle to agree on how we will reach net-zero

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, November 22, 2022 / — There is an overriding feeling of disappointment from the lack of progress made at COP27. Its president, Sameh Shoukry, said that despite unequivocal support to tackle climate change, there is a lack of collective action and discussions are too slow. The UN secretary general, António Guterres, warns of a breakdown in trust between rich and poor nations.

While it is easy to be disheartened at the lack of collective action, some governments continue to announce new innovative schemes to help achieve net zero targets. For example, this month the French Senate approved legislation that obliges all car parks with 80 or more spaces to be covered by solar panels. Such plans could result in 11GW of solar capacity in France.

Sebastian Foot of sustainability experts Bloom ESG says that car park operators need not wait for regulators to force them to install solar. “Worldwide, car parks offer huge potential for solar, which could be used to charge EVs or sold into the grid. Solar is one of the few ways a car park operator can increase its revenue potential.”

Foot goes on to explain that investing in solar is becoming much easier for any commercial property owner. “Bloom ESG recently launched its digital solar module, which estimates the financial feasibility of solar projects across an entire property portfolio. It’s perfect for companies who want to install solar, but have little or no experience.”

Bloom ESG helps its clients measure their emissions, manage their decarbonisation strategies, monitor emissions across the supply chain, and be more innovative in their approach to sustainability. Bloom ESG works with companies of many different sizes, ranging from global brands to fast-growth start-ups.

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