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The Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books of 2022 presents, The Three Witches and the Three-Headed Dagger: Book One

Author Wrote About Odd-Filled Fantasy of Creatures, Magic, and Weapons

have found you; I have been to all the long, hard, and dark areas looking for you until I found you. I have watched you. Now I am coming for you.””

— Henry Regnault

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 11, 2022 / — Author Henry Regnault has published his book title The Three Witches and the Three-Headed Dagger: Book One. The story starts with Tom Jones and Cadence Mage. These two have a blood connection but they are also best friends.

Cadence is a demon hunter and, he requests Tom’s help to find a murder weapon from a case. The heroes then have to fight three witches that will do any to fulfill their prophecy. Twists and turns build into a fast-paced, bloody adventure that delivers fun and excitement and will have you turning the pages right to the end. “The best elements of other great works of fiction are present throughout the narrative. The haunted quality of eternal life and all the tragedies it entails is reminiscent of The Picture of Dorian Gray. There is even a reference to the book early on, with the main character almost feeling a hidden kinship for Oscar Wilde’s protagonist. At times Cadence is equal parts lonely and commanding. He bleeds, is flawed, and can be placed in danger.

Yet like so many caped crusaders, secret agents, and time lords that have come before him, there is always the feeling of protection he invokes with the reader—a sense that he still has a hidden move and the upper hand…Masterfully told, this book is beguiling in its execution and its engrossing characters.” — Robert Buccellato, U.S. Review of Books.


“Author Henry Regnault has crafted an immersive work of fiction with plenty of cinematic and imaginative action to offer readers. The author creates a vivid fantasy world with excellent magical lore, a variety of strong personalities and settings, with acute attention to detail in their atmospheric language. These lexical and descriptive choices also show Cadence as a powerful central figure, who is well balanced in terms of his admirable and exciting skills, but also show vulnerability and emotional presentation. As a reader, you can get into his head and experience the story from a visceral standpoint, which makes you more involved in the fast-paced twists and turns of the twisted plot and interpersonal character relationships. Overall, I would highly recommend the book to fans of captivating writing, fast-paced action plots, and for fantasy adventure fans everywhere.”— K.C. Finn of Readers’ Favorite.

The Three Witches and the Three-Headed Dagger: Book One
Written by: Henry Regnault
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