Thursday, March 30, 2023
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The Jurni Reaches Subscriber Base of Half a Million, Surpasses Projections

New Delhi, Delhi, India

With the resurgence of the newsletter industry in India, The Jurni, an email-based newsletter launched in 2019, has garnered over half a million subscribers in a short amount of time. The Jurni, known for being a concisely curated and informative newsletter, has surpassed projections to become the largest email newsletter in India.


Launched in 2019, The Jurni, is a highly curated, informative, and concise email-based newsletter


Bridging the travel gap caused in recent times, The Jurni adds a zest to the lives of millennials in under 5 minutes by offering a digital expedition and teleporting readers into the world of culture and travel. With daily as well as special thematic and recommendation editions, the brand endeavors to become a ‘feel-good’ morning refresher for inquisitive minds.


Founder & CEO Priyam Sharma, recognised the impact of social media fatigue on readers and the gap in the market, launched The Jurni to offer fascinating content not defined by algorithms. Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Mohika Sharma is currently working on strategic partnerships which will be revealed in the coming weeks, devising new ways to reach their audience.


Innovating with the newsletter format, The Jurni has managed to create something that is taking the country by storm and is further expected to witness a rise in readership in the coming times.



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