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The Finance Industry is Swarming To Control Digital Dominance at Domain Auction

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Imagine controlling the narrative, branding, and personalized financial products and experiences of some of the most financially influential cities and sectors.”

— Ryan Etheridge

PHILADELPHIA, PA, UNITED STATES, December 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — 90% of all loan and mortgage consumers go online first, over 80% don’t care for any specific brand (Ray, 2021). With the massive shift to digital, the most valuable domains in those fields have become available for auction. Valencia’s Auctions, a fully-digital auction house, will auction heavily influenced finance domains such as loans.finance and mortgages.finance.

“Even loans.com, which Bank of America owns, is too generic. Loans.finance represents what customers have been looking for: specificity with a holistic finance experience. It’s one of the most valuable consumer-based domains in the world,” said Ryan Etheridge, Director of Auctions at Valencia’s.

Also up for auction are domains such as mortgages.finance and newyorkcity.finance. “Again, mortgages are a part of everyone’s lives, and New York City is the most influential city on the globe in finance. It represents an endless opportunity of applications,” said Ryan.

These domains will allow companies or individuals to control entire industries and cities’ narratives and specified finance products. The only question is an obvious one, who will get them?

Bidding starts Dec. 22 on their website valencias.auction, or you can snag a domain before anyone else and make a pre-auction offer starting today.

Geneveive Ruppel
Valencia’s Auctions
+1 484-945-3109

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