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The difference between esports and other entertainment industries

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Esports’ boom has put it at par with some well-established entertainment industries in revenue and following. But it’s not just a usual everyday entertainment.

DOVER, DE, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — The concept of entertainment is as old as Homo sapiens. Whether it’s a traditional dance number, telling tales around the bonfire, or reading a book, entertainment has existed in all forms. With the evolution of tech, tastes have changed as well. Stories have shifted from books to Television, and video games are the latest in the list of modern entertainment.

Video games aren’t new, but they became mainstream in 2019-2020. Initially, it had a niche audience, but now, a wider fan base pitches into the ever-growing stats of esports. There are no qualms that esports will soon be neck to neck with the traditional entertainment industry. Why? Because it’s impactful. A few years ago, it won’t be easy to believe that there was a whole studio based on the Mario game series. But Super Nintendo Studios in Hollywood is proof that gaming has come a long way.

It’s not the same as the last movie you watched; the impact of watching your team lose stays with you for days and months. The ecstatic feeling after winning is also immeasurable. Simply put, esports is way different from any media industry in 2023.

Esports and sports

If there’s any industry in entertainment, esports is similar to, it’s sports. When people didn’t have the internet, sports existed as a mode of immersive entertainment. The impeccable viewer experience has curated an over $500 billion industry in 2023, which continues to grow. Esports should follow the same trajectory, becoming one of the biggest entertainment industries.

This fandom points to a bigger viewership that enjoys esports. In 2021, there were estimated 234 million esports enthusiasts. This growth among youngsters attracts brands to kick start their esports organization, ultimately expanding the industry. So many traditional sports teams have already entered gaming. PSG, Besiktas, and Ellevens esports are excellent examples.

If this growth continues, just like sports, esports will break away from the typical entertainment industry, creating a giant fan base. In 2023, movies, podcasts, and similar entertainment sectors are thriving, but big industry players enter sports to make money. Esports is walking the same path, which is why it’s so different from traditional media.

Immersive entertainment

Another reason esports differs from your usual TV show is that it engages the viewer. Fan rivalries, the adrenaline, and having access to playing the same game you’re watching changes the viewer experience. When you’re watching a movie, it stays with you for a day or two. But fandom is serious. For example, if you’re a fan of G2 esports in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you’d know that Nikola “NiKo” Kovač’s need to win a major is more than just about winning. Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev winning his first major must have left you with goosebumps, similar to Lionel Messi winning the FIFA World Cup 2022. But, unfortunately, this passion is absent in traditional media, which is more just temporary serotonin.

Moreover, game developers’ direct involvement with the community success of esports major warrants that this industry thrives. Unlike other media, in gaming, the creators constantly update the game. Riot’s method, with its gaming titles, is an excellent example. Besides rolling out consistent content updates in new games like the recent League of Legends season 13, it’s deploying other entertainment methods in Valorant to keep the fans hooked. For example, the Die for You music video could make a Valorant fan cry any day!

Cutting-edge industry

Movies, radios, books, and other industries have reached their apex. Conversely, esports has tons of room to grow. It’s naturally a cutting-edge industry that uses computers, AI, and more to curate the best gaming experience. Moreover, it’s an industry that is only bound to grow as technology improves. For example, Twitch streamer Perrikaryal’s channel recently played Elden Ring with an electroencephalogram (EEG) device stuck to her brain. Her player model would follow her words and execute the action. Stuff like this will forever keep the fans hooked and hungry for more.

Radios have become outdated in 2023, and so are books. Movies, however, might end up becoming esports’ biggest rival in the future. But, even then, the trailblazing esports industry has the potential to edge past all due to the passion it brings.

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