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The Delicious Chicken Dishes in the Indian Cuisine

Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House continues to deliver authentic Indian chicken dishes

EAST WINDSOR, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2022 / — Chicken dishes are highly popular across the board here in the States, and there is a good reason for that as well. Chicken is readily available, easy to cook, can be cooked relatively faster, and is healthy as well. These factors combined, make chicken one of the most popular things to eat. Here, we enjoy a variety of chicken dishes, particularly the Indian food dishes made from chicken. Some places also serve halal chicken and the taste is on point in every single one of the dishes. Some of the more popular Indian chicken dishes in the States start with butter chicken. Butter chicken is a proper delicacy and if you find a restaurant that gets it right, then you should better bookmark it for the future.

Butter chicken is also not that difficult to recreate at home. It is essentially a mild dish, so people who are afraid or overly sensitive with regards to spices need not worry. The whole gravy is made out of tomato sauce, chicken pieces, caramelized onions, heavy cream, and butter. The dish goes great with both rice and the variety of Indian flatbreads, or Rotis. To have the best experience with butter chicken, you need naan bread to go along with the dish. Naan bread is in a league of its own, however, with a variety of it being ready to complement any dish perfectly well due to the unique flavor that it brings. Butter and garlic naan are the highlights of the naan family, with those being a worthy companion to any Indian dish that you want to try out.

Next coming to another Indian delicacy that is sure to enthrall anyone that tastes it, the Chicken Korma. Korma is a dish that has its roots in North India and it has managed to garner quite an audience here in the States as well. To make this chicken dish, the meat is first braised, and then it is cooked very slowly along with certain vegetables. The gravy is usually made with thick cream, coconut milk, yogurt, with almonds mixed in. Coriander, ginger, cardamom, black peppercorn, and others are some of the spices that are needed to make this dish. This North Indian dish is a great option if you are looking to make a quick fix after a stressful day. Asian Halal Meat & Kebab House, a restaurant at Royal Plaza Shopping Center, 510 US-130, East Windsor, NJ 08520, offers up all these delicious Indian chicken dishes. They also make all non-vegetarian dishes using 100% halal meat.

Next, coming from South India is the Madras Chicken, which brings to us the tasteful Madras curry flavor. It is not as creamy as the North Indian chicken dishes, but still has that sharp taste that is fulfilling. Although Rogan Josh is a dish primarily made with mutton, chicken also has a place in some variations of the dish. The deep, red, and heavy texture of the dish has its place among the arsenal of Indian non-vegetarian dishes. Finally, though, our thoughts are bound to turn over to the most popular Indian dish around, tandoori chicken. In tandoori chicken, the chicken is usually marinated in a variety of spices and yogurt and then cooked in an earthen pot or a tandoor. The dish is almost devoid of oil and is also a very healthy dish, in addition to being probably the tastiest Indian dish around.

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