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The complete restaurant equipment checklist

restaurant equipment the complete checklist

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Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

Read our complete restaurant equipment checklist, questions like how the supply chain affects what restaurant equipment you can buy, and more.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The restaurant business is an essential part of the modern landscape, as customers now more than ever enjoy getting out of the house. With this in mind, so many restaurants are still in the dark when figuring out how to outfit their establishments. Top-quality restaurant equipment is necessary for every business seeking higher productivity and a reduced cost. That begs the question, how to buy commercial restaurant equipment at a reasonable price? Well, here is an answer to the new guide on buying restaurant equipment.

How will the supply chain issues affect a restaurant business when buying equipment?

The restaurant industry is a 759.38 billion dollar industry, and it’s only expected to grow from here. That means that restaurant equipment suppliers are seeing more and more business, which in turn causes prices to rise. However, there are ways to combat this. Buying in bulk is one way to get a lower price on restaurant equipment. This is especially effective if opening a new restaurant or expanding an existing one. Also, planning, most manufacturers have 3-6 months lead times right now. If on a tight schedule restaurantsupply.com has experts available to help customers find brands that offer faster shipping if the other choice is not available, or the lead time is too long. Restaurantsupply.com is always monitoring and updating lead times, so many customers can take comfort in finding products on the website that are available in the stated time frame.

What restaurant equipment is needed to start a restaurant?

The complete restaurant equipment checklist
There are a few key pieces of restaurant equipment that are essential to any restaurant’s success.

– A commercial range is necessary for cooking large quantities of food at once.
– Commercial ovens are also a must-have, as it allows staff to bake items that can’t be cooked on the range.
– Commercial deep fryers are perfect for frying up chicken, fish, and French fries.
– Commercial grills/griddles are ideal for cooking burgers, steaks, and pancakes.
– Specialty cooking equipment like Commercial Pasta Cookers & Rethermalizers, Rice Cookers, and Rice Warmers, Sous Vide Bath Equipment, Sous Vide
Immersion Circulators, Immersion Circulator Tanks and Accessories, Waffle Cone Makers, Crepe Makers and Waffle Cone Making Parts and Accessories
– Commercial ice equipment like Ice Machines, Nugget Ice Machines, Commercial Ice Maker Dispensers, Undercounter Ice Storage Bins, and more.
– Beverage equipment like commercial coffee equipment, cold & frozen beverage dispensers, juicers, bar blenders, milkshake machines, underbar
equipment, hot water dispensers, glass filler faucets, and hot water faucet dispensers.
– Refrigeration equipment like walk-in cooler/freezers, glass door merchandisers & refrigerated display cases, prep tables with under-counter refrigerators,
and restaurant chest freezers.
– Food holding and warming equipment like holding & proofing cabinets, steam tables, food wells, countertop warmers & display cases, strip warmers, heat
lamps, drawer warmers, and banquet carts.
– Commercial sinks include compartment sinks, underbar sinks, hand sinks, and janitorial sinks.
– Commercial dishwashers will make sure the restaurant’s dishes are clean and sanitized, meeting health code standards.
– Waste Disposal Equipment like garbage disposals, grease traps, interceptor equipment, waste pulpers, waste extractors, and disposer control panels.
– Stainless steel work tables provide a space to prep food before cooking, as well as a place to store ingredients.
– Deep fryers are a great addition to any restaurant kitchen, as it allows the cook to fry food quickly and easily.
– Microwave ovens are also a popular choice in restaurant kitchens, as they can be used to heat food quickly.
– Commercial pizza ovens are essential for any restaurant looking to serve pizza.
– Food warmers can also be a helpful addition to any restaurant, as they help keep food at the proper temperature.
– Convection ovens are a great way to cook food evenly and quickly. The convection oven can reach much higher temperatures than the typical microwave,
which means it’s perfect if looking to grill or roast something.
– Last but not least, POS systems are necessary for taking orders and tracking sales.

Buying restaurant equipment on a tight budget?

One way to find restaurant equipment is to look for similar options from the same and other brands. Find an online store that offers more brands and customers can find the restaurant appliance that fits both their needs and budget. Many brands have multiple sub-brands that offer the same quality with fewer features, so if worried about the budget and don’t need all the features this is a good option.

Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

When looking for a supplier, customers want to make sure that the restaurant equipment supplier has been in business for a while and understands the restaurant industry inside and out. Ask them about their experience supplying restaurants and other hospitality businesses.
The restaurant industry is ever-changing, which is why it’s important to have a supplier that can keep up with the latest trends and changes in the market. At RestaurantSupply.com, they are always updating the inventory to make sure to have the latest and greatest restaurant equipment options for their customers.

Hope that this guide has been helpful in the search for restaurant equipment and all the best of luck!

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The complete restaurant equipment checklist

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