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THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED: Is The Pandemic an Accident?

Are there unseen causes and actions that just happen? Understanding our world and the crisis requires a little more than understanding others’ truth. We need to understand the basics, the concepts we create and relate to, such as time, space, chance and infinity, because these are the things that make up our everyday lives, and from which everything is built. ‘THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED – Is Reality but Sheer Coincidence?’ gives the reader the opportunity to understand the workings of humanity, to understand the double standards that are present in our lives. It shows that we have only a fraction of the real knowledge of physics, biology and geometry, because our basic knowledge is based on relativity and what’s relative can never be constant. This book is a cold shower for the presumptuous mind. There are some awkward questions in the book, which Attila Pergel doesn’t answer, but helps the reader to find them. Pergel doesn’t do the thinking for us, that’s our job. In India, there is no question of the existence of a creator, but in many countries, there is! We find a wonderful deduction for the beginning of the universe, but Pergel doesn’t give the answer, you have to find it.  In ‘THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED’, we encounter many thought experiments, a multitude of logical deductions. We will understand the necessity of the illusion of time, we will know exactly what infinity is and, most importantly, we will find out how it works! We will get a spectacular demonstration of how we experience distant stars and the universe itself. We’ll also understand why extra-terrestrial life isn’t rife in our environment, but we’ll also see that our current technology is completely inadequate to achieve real results in space exploration.  The book is the work of software developer Attila Pergel and was published in Hungary in 2020.  The original book became a bestseller in its category within weeks. Hungary is a very small country, maybe 200,000 people buy books every year, but still, in 8 months, more than 2,000 people bought this book.  Many reviews summed it up as “I now see the world differently because I understand how it works”.  THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED is not a literary masterpiece, since the point isn’t the author’s eloquence, but to guide us along the path of understanding and reason in a friendly, gentle and non-intrusive way. This is the book of help. On 17 April 2021, ‘THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED – Is Reality but Sheer Coincidence?’ was published in English in print and e-book. The Russian version is also ready for publication. It’s a rare occasion when an unknown author’s first and only book can be a worldwide success, and we can now follow it.

If you get your hands on THE BOOK THAT HAPPENED, don’t read it all at once, you won’t succeed. Move on from the chapter once you have understood them. Things that seem simple are always complicated!


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