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“The Billie Jean Scene: Love, Life, & Sex, Oh My” Teaches Readers to Have a Plan Before Looking for Love

    The Billie Jean Scene: Love, Life, &                         Sex, Oh My

                Ali Supreme, Author

Ali Supreme’s book is a gripping tome that opens the eyes and minds of readers to understand that without proper knowledge, we will become victims to society.

Please make sure you’re looking beyond the moment, if not you will find yourself lost in it.”

— Ali Supreme, Author

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2022 / — “The Billie Jean Scene: Love, Life, & Sex, Oh My” is the creation of Ali Supreme, a published author. “The Billie Jean Scene is a compelling narrative that is filled with life-changing lessons and helps readers to be cautious and mindful when jumping into the dating scene. Ali Supreme writes, “This is a story about the natural flow of life. Opposites attract, and what that attraction may lead to is entirely up to you. If you think a serious connection will be the outcome of a physical attraction or a superficial attraction, then you are not living in reality! If we are just having fun, then have fun. Please don’t expect anything else; what you put in is what you will get back. Believe that!”

Published by Book Vine Press, Ali Supreme’s new book encourages the readers to be the best person they can be by being more aware and alert. There is no escaping the inevitable, if you go out in the storm you will get wet! Through this book, the author leaves the readers in awe as he unfolds meaningful lessons, after lessons that everyone could apply in their day-to-day lives. This book is designed to let everyone know that nature is always in control. It is not wise to challenge nature, but accepts nature’s purpose and seek its true understanding. To the young ladies that read this book… You need to ask yourself “Who are you going to be?” a “Queen” or just another “Billie Jean”?

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