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The Art of Creating a Healthier and Better Coffee

Fabula Coffee makes healthy coffee with low acidity, toxin- and mold free – and makes it taste better in the process

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2022 / — You start the day with coffee? You join millions of Americans in this classic morning ritual, and most people continue consuming coffee well into the day. According to NCA (National Coffee Association), 62% of us drink coffee *every* single day. But most coffee lovers also know all too well the familiar sensation of tummy burn or a discomforting unease after one coffee cup too many.

It turns out that a good part of the coffee consumed has been grown with chemicals, can be susceptible to mold, and is high in acidity in general. Not all of us will react equally well. This is bad news for people with sensitive systems, mold allergies – an ailment on the rise – or acid reflux, because what to do for the morning fix?

Enter Fabula Coffee, a small Florida-based coffee company which set out to “Just do better”, as their founder, Lars Spaten, a native of Denmark, explains: “As a young man, travelling in Peru’s mountains, I tasted coffee that for once didn’t make me feel weird in my body. On top of that, it was extremely tasty. The experience stayed with me, although it only dawned on me as an opportunity years later, after living years in Brazil where there is an intense passion for ‘cafezinho’, as the locals call their coffee”

Along with good friends (“why not work with people you like?” he laughs), they

created Fabula Coffee, with the sole purpose of creating a coffee that was both healthier and tastier. Through lots of trial and error, they found the right arabica bean varieties, the perfect microclimate parameters, which altitude a farm should have, and the precise way to roast the coffee to make it low acid, and still delicious.

Lars elaborates: “We as coffee lovers should be able to have it both ways. For me, that “coffee moment” in the morning is so important for my day and life quality. I would like to have a product that is clean, healthy, and still with a gourmet-level quality cup”.

To solve for that, the company actually tests their coffee at independent laboratories for +350 chemical compounds and mold. “It’s the only way to know”, Lars explains. He continues: “What surprised us was that a cleaner coffee in fact also turned out to be a much better coffee. When grown in the shade, the way Mother Nature intended it, without pesticides, herbicides and what not, the coffee plants grow stronger. They take their time to ripen the coffee cherries and develop all these wonderful flavor intricacies. It blew our mind how good it could be!”

The end result is now available to coffee lovers everywhere. Fabula only sells online, to ensure the coffee arrives fresh to the consumer, rather than sitting months on a supermarket shelf. That is really good news for all of us coffee lovers: our cup for ‘that coffee moment’ can in fact be both clean, good for us …and better tasting!

Fabula Coffee is available in bags, either ground or whole bean, as you prefer, or in 100% compostable (not just recyclable – yay!) pods for Keurig type machines. They offer all roast types of coffee: Dark, Medium, Light, Espresso and Decaf variants.

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About Fabula Coffee

Fabula Coffee is a company that makes and sells coffee with low acidity, allowing all kinds of people to enjoy good coffee.

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