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The ‘Andaman Boys’ Who Bring their Dream and Passion to Delhi through

Over a decade back, young entrepreneurs from Delhi packed their bags and left for the distant, pristine, isolated, and emerald waters of Andaman & Nicobar Islands – their passion and mission, to catch and offer the most exquisite, expansive, and rarest quality of Seafood, to the world at large. They handled the entire process themselves and built their story brick-by-brick to serve the most demanding and quality conscious markets and consumers, across continents.


Grubsoul Co-founders


Today, they have brought their successful dream and journey, back to the Delhi market to offer that same unmatched range and quality of Seafood heaven to consumers, who crave the finest Seafood and other Meats including chicken and mutton (all from just one source i.e., ‘’!). Ultra-exclusive catch of rock lobsters, soft-shell crabs, juicy calamari, flavourful fish, squishy squids etc., are all flown in straight from Andamans for that unbelievable freshness and hygienically handled experience. Simply said, nothing is ordinary in their product range, as a fish is not just any other fish for them – on their ‘’ site, you don’t just get the usual fish but unique White Snapper, Yellow-fin Tuna, Grouper and so many other unbelievable rarities that you are left licking your hands and salivating for more.


Grubsoul’s Exotic and Premium Seafood


Led by qualified former-industry honchos who completely understand the sensitivity of product freshness/safety, experience and the sheer joy of exclusivity – Saurabh, Anurag & Prabhat are the Andaman trio (also affectionately called the ‘Andaman Boys’ by their peers in the Seafood Industry) who promise and deliver that hitherto inaccessible, gourmet, and scrumptious offerings. They are also teasing Delhi with their quaint, quirky, and super-exciting retail treasure in the premium SDA market, simply called ‘Grubsoul Seafoods’ which is a part of Grubsoul Concepts – do dive into that longing feel of ‘Goa/Andaman in Delhi !!!!’.


About Grubsoul

Grubsoul is a Delhi-based start-up that specializes in distributing, processing, and marketing of highest quality fresh and frozen meat products under the most hygienic conditions. Customers can order directly through the website “” or through the app listed on both Google Play store and Apple Store.


The venture is headed by the trio – Mr. Saurabh Swaroop, who has 25 years of sales and marketing experience, Mr. Anurag Dewan, and Mr. Prabhat Dewan, who have over 25 years of experience in the food industry.


Grubsoul aims to make the highest quality of healthy and sustainable meat products easily available to its customers.


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