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Terra Owner David Martin on What Goes into Excellent Building Design

Great building projects increase property value for a better investment, says David Martin, Miami real estate firm owner.

MIAMI , FL, UNITED STATES , November 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Excellent building design results in a commercial space that is valuable and improves company efficiencies. David Martin is a Miami CEO and commercial real estate developer with experience in building design. As owner and CEO of Terra, he currently manages a real estate portfolio valued at more than $8 billion.

According to recent statements, the building layout and structure will make or break the asset’s value. David Martin says the Miami commercial real estate industry centers around excellent building design. “Location, location, location is preached in real estate,” he says. “In part, this is true—you can’t renovate the location of your asset. However, poor building design means the investment isn’t as valuable. So in order to get the most out of your property, the building should be well-designed and well-maintained.”

Incorporate Multi-Purpose Spaces

Buildings that are well-designed are usually highly versatile, reports David Martin from Miami. Multi-purpose spaces allow businesses to fluctuate workflow as needed. Reducing the number of small, separated spaces by combining rooms can sometimes improve the efficiency of the building’s design and make it more useful for a number of purposes.

If a building is highly segmented, the smaller spaces limit what the building can facilitate. So rather than make each area tailor-fit to a specific use, David Martin recommends considering how spatial uses might fluctuate and what spaces will do as the business expands.

Not only will versatile spaces be better for business growth, but he also says it makes a better investment that will be easier to sell down the road.

Consolidate by Removing Redundant Spaces

It might seem like an obvious question, but David Martin warns business owners to look for redundancies to remove in the design. Eliminating spaces that can be moved into another space helps cut down on the wasted floor space.

Martin also recommends using odd and awkward spots to house storage. He says using every nook and cranny of the building is a good way to design a more efficient space. However, he also warns against including too many storage areas that cut into the workspaces available in the building.

Make a Strong First Impression

David Martin, Miami real estate developer, says the curb appeal and first impression when entering the building should be a significant consideration during building planning. “How people perceive your business starts with those first few seconds,” he notes. “Without good design, the entrance will not have the impact it could, and the building will not offer the same asset value as a building that has a strong entrance. And the right entrance design is very dependent on the kind of business using the building. A warehouse is going to have a very different ideal entrance design than a retail space, office complex or restaurant.”

Design for Weather Challenges and Emergencies

One challenge for buildings in locations like Miami includes potential weather emergencies. Hurricanes are one of the biggest natural issues that a building may face along the Atlantic Ocean. Miami is highly vulnerable when it comes to hurricanes, Martin says, because of its location. With a densely packed city, property damage is a likely potential under the right circumstances.

Building designs have to take into account the kinds of weather issues and natural disasters likely for the area. Often, building codes require designing structural integrity that will hold up to the types of storms common for the site.

Improve Air Flow and Hygienic Design

In a post-COVID world, David Martin says businesses need to start thinking about their airflow during the design stage of the building. Bringing in more outdoor air and improving the air-filtration systems are two crucial points that would help reduce sickness. He says improving airflow can also help avoid issues like mold.

As far as the materials used for the building, Martin said they should be easy to sanitize. “We’ve learned how important it can be to easily disinfect and sanitize a space,” he notes. “Moving forward, building designs should consider what happens if another wave or different pandemic were to occur. How does the building adapt?”

Get Input from the Team

Just because a space looks good on paper doesn’t mean it will work out well in real life, says David Martin. Miami teams should stop to consider their regular job requirements and see if the layout is as efficient as possible. For example, a person working on one end of the building might not need to constantly go to the other end of the building just to accomplish their typical tasks if the layout incorporates their needs.

Involving a diverse company team helps fit the design to the needs of every department. Business leaders can check to make sure the jobs of other employees, teams and company leaders are considered when the plan is being put into place. Additionally, taking disabilities and special needs into account should be an essential part of an excellent building design.

Consider Traffic Flow

He also noted the flow of traffic should be a big concern when designing a space. Not only should rooms be kept clustered by company use to avoid unnecessary travel for frequent tasks, but businesses should consider the movement of all teams, vendors, clients or customers using the space.

“Getting into bottlenecks or traffic jams is something easily prevented with the right design,” Martin says. “Offering a double-wide hallway and door, for example, can make a highly trafficked area very efficient. Or putting large doors near a storage area or processing floor is a good idea if you have big equipment that may need to be moved in and out regularly. Avoiding cross-traffic might also be a good option, keeping departments clustered.”

Considering the flow of customers and clients is just as crucial to nailing a good business floor plan. He noted that consumers or buyers should always be directed through public parts of the building and have direct paths that make sense for the flow of traffic.

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