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Techila Global Services To Continue Allowing Employees To Work Remotely Even As The Covid Restrictions Ease Down

The Salesforce Development Company refrains from taking any chances when it comes to the well-being of its employees

Techila Global Services, a noted Salesforce development company and Salesforce Consulting Partner has decided to extend the trend of working remotely for its employees even as the COVID restrictions are easing down across the country.

The company had implemented the norm of working from home fairly early, even before the first wave started gaining momentum. It allowed its employees to work from their homes as soon as COVID cases started getting recorded in India in late February and early March of 2020. The management resumed on-premise working in between the two waves for a short period of time but reverted to working remotely once the cases started rising again.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has been taking utmost care of the well-being of its employees by providing flexibility at work. Chitiz Agarwal, the founder and CEO of Techila Global Services, believes that extending the practice of working remotely will ensure the complete safety of all the employees.

He says, “We do not want to take any chances this time around. Looking at the disastrous second wave, we felt that it would be better to allow our employees to work from home. Fortunately, all of us have adapted to the new style of working and operating through a virtual workspace. As long as our business processes are not affected by it, we would prefer to continue the practice of working remotely.”

Mr. Agarwal also believes that he is fortunate enough to be working in the IT industry, a sector that has been one of the least affected during the pandemic. As the services provided by the company involve the use of cloud-based platforms for carrying out almost all processes, the employees can function effectively without physically going to work every day.

Along with extending remote working for its employees, Techila Global Services encourages its employees not to work beyond their dedicated hours. Mr. Agarwal says, “Professionals across the board often tend to exhaust themselves by working beyond their dedicated hours as they work from home. We have always encouraged our team members to log out of their systems and avoid taking any work-related calls/emails beyond work hours unless it is absolutely necessary. While working hard is important, it should never be at the cost of taking time out for oneself and their family.”

About Techila Global Services

Techila Global Services is a Salesforce development company and Salesforce Consulting Partner based in Pune. The company has been providing end-to-end Salesforce development and consulting services to clients across the globe for 8+ years.

Along with these services, the company provides free Salesforce training to IT and Salesforce aspirants through the platform of Techila Academy. It is an extension of Techila Global Services where interested aspirants can obtain thorough Salesforce training via dedicated online courses and webinars conducted by industry experts.



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