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Tabrez was declared a fugitive by the court 18 years ago. Mumbai 1992 riots: Cops nab absconding suspect from Dindoshi after 18 years

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  • Mumbai 1992 Riots: Cops Nab Absconding Suspect From Dindoshi After 18 Years

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Mumbai Police has arrested Tabrez Azim Khan, an accused in the city riots after 30 years. He was declared a proclaimed offender by the court in 2004. On Saturday, the police team arrested him from Goregaon area. He was living here by changing his name.

Riots took place after Babri demolition
Communal riots took place in Mumbai between December 1992 and January 1993, in which around 900 people were killed and more than 2000 were injured. The rioters also severely damaged private and government properties. These riots broke out after the Babri demolition in Ayodhya, UP.

This picture was taken during the riots in Mumbai in 1992-1993.

This picture was taken during the riots in Mumbai in 1992-1993.

9 people arrested, court acquitted 2
In this case, the police had registered a case against 9 people. Tabrez Khan alias Mansoori was also involved in this. Tabrez was only 17 years old at that time. The 9 people who were arrested by the police. The court acquitted two of them in 1992 itself and one of the suspects was killed. At the same time, the police could not arrest Tabrez. In 2004, the court declared him a fugitive and issued a warrant. Since then the police was looking for Tabrez.

Recently, the Mumbai Police had received information from an informer that Tabrez was living in Goregaon by changing his identity. After this, Police Inspector Dhananjay Kavde and PSI Nitin Sawhney formed a team and found him in Malad area. On Saturday, the police arrested Tabrez from near the Dindoshi Bus Depot area.

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