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Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan is the tool to make India the Developed Nation – Pavani Naidu

New Delhi (India), April 24: I believe self-reliance means having the ability to make decisions and take actions independently while also helping others become self-sufficient. It’s about being able to accomplish your goals using your capabilities and resources, whether that’s within your family or community or in a broader sense. But self-reliance is not just about having a stable job or income or access to necessities like housing and education. It’s also about having the resources to provide a full range of services, from emergency interventions to retention of jobs. To achieve self-reliance, we must embrace an interdependent lifestyle and develop individual policies based on our natural conditions and needs.

We must also strike a balance between culture and progress because culture is as important as progress in life. In our society, we have both independent individuals who have forgotten the timely support they received, as well as interdependent individuals who have remembered the assistance they received. It’s about acknowledging that we all need each other to thrive while also taking responsibility for our own lives.

When we talk about Swawalamban, we’re talking about achieving economic independence for individuals, society, and the nation as a whole. But we can only achieve true independence through interdependence by recognizing that we all depend on each other for the provision of goods and services. The benefits range from increased efficiency to reduced risk. But it’s important for us to strike a balance between interdependence and self-reliance and to recognize that both are necessary for a healthy society.

Nature thrives on interdependence, and the same applies to all living beings. Interdependence is not just a way of life; it is a reflection of our inclusiveness, self-responsibility, and self-awareness. In India, a culture of cooperation, mutual understanding, and teamwork is evident in agriculture, where farmers provide employment opportunities. The merchant class also embodies entrepreneurship in their daily activities by buying and selling goods, creating more employment opportunities. Professionals hire people for various tasks and educate them in different job roles, providing further employment opportunities. This interdependent model of living has sustained and developed life in India, providing favourable conditions for growth, sustenance, and protection from harsh conditions. Swavalamban is an operative style of interdependence that emphasizes cultural events like Mela, Sangam, and Jatra. These events illustrate interdependence in an operational style that expresses Swavalamban differently.

Swavalamban is an interdependent task that requires locals’ participation and a global view. By thinking globally and acting locally, we can create a harmonious collaboration and friendly communication that leads to desired results – Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Pavani Naidu -Mahila Pramukh, Swadeshi Jagran Manch, Andhra Pradesh is giving a call to all the Youth of India to join this Swavalambi Bharat Abhiyan to make India the developed nation instead of waiting for an opportunity they can build their opportunity and provide a livelihood to people around.


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