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Svast Inc. Forays Central Asia Market, Partners with CityMed, Tashkent

Svast Inc., US based global digital healthcare company today announced its strategic partnership with CityMed, Tashkent, one of the leading healthcare establishments of Uzbekistan enabling CityMed to offer digital healthcare solutions including advanced telemedicine services to the citizens of Uzbekistan. Beyond onboarding CityMed into their world class digital health platform, Svast Inc. will also bring the best of international physicians, surgeons and super specialists to Tashkent to offer the world’s best medical care to the patients of the region.


Svast – CityMed Partnership


Digital Healthcare has become a cornerstone of health systems across the globe today. Industry estimates foresee the digital health market reaching nearly 660 billion dollars by 2025. Digitalisation in the healthcare industry today has transformed the way health care providers and patients function and interact; thereby making medical care services accessible to everyone by ensuring wide availability. Svast’s mission is to bring personalised affordable healthcare to everyone globally and the partnership with CityMed is just one of many joint ventures that will provide patients with more robust facilities. Svast has plans in the pipeline to manage and operate hospitals across Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America in the coming years.


Speaking on the partnership, Ms. Lata Hariharan, President of Svast said, “Digitalisation is very important to ensure that process and quality are followed and maintained. We are proud to partner with CityMed to bring the next wave of digitalisation in healthcare globally. Svast’s platform will further help in implementing best practices, providing better access to doctors, digital sharing of medical records, and telehealth services for patients and doctors.”


“This new partnership will leverage Svast’s healthcare expertise to bring new, high quality, multi-specialty medical treatments to CityMed’s health care offerings. New solutions and medical treatments are coming up rapidly. Svast, through its group of companies, is at the forefront of this. AI integrated healthcare services is what we would like to offer, and we are excited to bring these solutions to Uzbekistan through CityMed,” said Kunnummal Biju, CEO of Svast. 


Svast and CityMed’s partnership in Uzbekistan will go a long way in resolving the healthcare challenges while solidifying Svast’s position in the global market. It creates the foundation for the rollout of cutting-edge healthcare technology. Svast’s Hospital Management As A Service accelerates the quality of services provided and gives access to experts and specialists in the field and increased care for its patients. Digital tools like telemedicine and remote diagnostics can significantly decrease patient travel time and improve diagnosis by providing healthcare services in areas where doctors are otherwise scarce. Digitalisation of medical records, diagnostic tools and solutions improves accessibility and makes it easier to provide the right information at the right time. Svast’s Hospital Management As A Service is all set to revolutionise healthcare access across the globe. Svast’s healthcare data research group implements health education solutions and provides health and wellness-related information.


The COVID era has seen an increasing use of digital health tools and has seen an increased investor funding into the segment. In 2020, over 21 billion U.S. dollars was invested in the industry, compared to around one billion U.S. dollars in 2010. Even before the pandemic, consumers adoption of digital health had been steadily increasing. In 2019, 42 percent of Americans were reported to be resorting to digital health tracking and the trend is seen to be growing globally.


Svast’s Artificial Intelligence and human assisted healthcare platform provides healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to do their job. These partnerships will make it easier for doctors and healthcare providers in Uzbekistan to deliver quality medical services across the country and provide an example for future partnerships globally.


Svast has marked its footprint into India with their inbound medical tourism initiatives. Having tie-ups with leading hospitals in India, Svast has been providing healthcare to thousands of people annually and has played an active role in the healthcare system of the country. Even during the Pandemic imposed lockdown, Svast managed to bring overseas patients who were stricken with serious illnesses and transported them safely to India for advanced treatments and procedures.


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